Wicked Inquisition / Press

“The coolest thing about Wicked Inquisition is their ability to take cues from classic doom and proto-metal acts without allowing their homage to mutate into a gimmick. While the current trends in retro fetishism skew toward riff-flogging fuzziness and meandering compositions, this band veers in the opposite direction. The guitars are driving and upfront, the songwriting taut and clear-cut, and the whole thing is delivered with power, not through puffs of bongsmoke.”

"Like entering some sort of time machine and heading back to the early days of the 80's, Minnesota doom band have a peculiar knack of making you want to drag out your old denims and leathers, throw a devils horn in the air and pummel out that air guitar. This is no nonsense metal from a time when metal was metal and real men sang about real things such as wizards, goblins and hell. Yes, this is totally derivative but its also great fun at the same time"

“Pulling a lot of inspiration from the classic rock and metal sound of the 1970's, Wicked Inquisition impress on the well-mastered album, showing chops in a sound that is rather common today and could easily get passed up given the copious amounts of bands producing similar material.”

"Mired in old school fuzz and rhythmic gliding melodies, not to mention the wandering guitar solos that are unfurled on numerous occasions, WICKED INQUISITION tick all the right boxes when it comes to comfortable, smooth doom goodness"

"Simply said perfect old school sounding doom/heavy metal."

"Wicked Inquisition is the real deal, not just a trendy retro simulacrum."

"Wicked Inquisition bring their 70s Doom Inspired Rock kicking and screaming into the 21st Century"

"When you find a band who also adopts just those slight touches of NWOBHM goodness with the heavy doom riff... I just dig it. It also has a slight old-skool corny feel to it which makes it all the more wonderful."