"What Vynce was able to create with the orchestral arrangements is mindblowing, each song has something to keep the listener happy and interested. Whyzdom has made a cd that is just amazing, and makes their debut cd look like an afterthought. If you are a fan of symphonic female led metal bands, this cd is going to blow you away. What a comeback cd from a band that I thought gave us their best cd with their debut, this is a band that I just feel with each cd will be getting better and better"

“The mighty French formation, founded in 2007 by guitarist Vynce Leff, return with the eagerly anticipated follow up to their outstanding 2009 début, ‘From the Brink of Infinity’. Their music sits in it’s own unique place, they are the prog rock and metal loving cousins of a modern but heavier Nightwish and a grow less Epica. [...] the orchestral arrangement's by Vynce are simply wondrous. Whyzdom have produced a mind boggling, colossal, awe inspiring album that will have every symphonic metal fan salivating, especially those of a prog persuasion. Their website can be found here, a mind blowing 9.5/10”

“Blind? provides music that pretty much defines this musical genre for the 21st century. If there is better music out there, I haven’t heard it. Of course, that’s one man’s opinion. But, I’ve been listening for a long time. And this one is one to be treasured. A 10 is the minimum I can grade this one at. You may well go beyond that. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. A classic.”

“Opting to eschew the generic Symphonic Metal tag in favour of what they label "Philharmonic Metal", it's a rather apt term to describe their music and compositional style. Think Nightwish but with bigger and more extravagant orchestral arrangements that are integrated with the metal parts and you'll be part way there in comprehending how Whyzdom sound. That is not to say they sound like Nightwish, rather they've crafted a musical identity of their own but it carries a similar vibe to how Tuomas Holopainen approaches the orchestral/metal fusion. (...) In short, I cannot fault Whyzdom's live UK debut at all. They came, they conquered and have undoubtedly widened their fanbase in the process. If ever a band deserved a big break then it's this talented bunch of French musicians. Let's hope they start receiving the wider exposure they deserve.”

“Following on from Apparition , we had French band Whyzdom playing its first gig in the UK and f*ck me did they play it.. Not only was the vocalist on par with Epica’s Simone Simons on the beauty stakes, but she could also give her a run for the money on the vocal stakes aswell. At last, we had some decent female metal that I love and it stood head over heels above the rest.”

“OK boys and girls, we have a bit of a problem here. Back last year, we reviewed an EP that served as a coming out effort by Whyzdom. It was called Daughter of the Night and it included 4 tracks that pretty much blew this reviewer out of his chair, as it did for a number of reviewers around the globe. It rightfully drew an 11 on a 10-point scale and I wasn’t kidding. Talk was that a follow up was in the works, with about 8 or 9 songs and band honcho Vynce Leff guaranteed me it would be worth the wait. Well, it’s here, complete with 12 tracks. . . and it’s significantly better than the EP that preceded it. So, how do we rate it? [...] When I suggested in the previous review that Whyzdom would be a hit, I didn’t realize they would be this successful. But Brink takes them solidly to the limelight; it’s everything that Daughter was and much, much more.”