Why They Fight / Press

“Cheer up, emo kids. We’ve got a track for you to steal from Colorado Springs pop-punkers Why They Fight, who will be performing at the first annual Capitol Hill Music Festival on August 17. Sure, pop punk has its detractors who claim it’s neither pop nor punk, and music best used as background for shopping at Hot Topic. But those folks are curmudgeons who can’t relate to teenage angst, comprised of a combination of love, anger, depression and hormones. Colorado Springs band Why They Fight totally relates. Formed in March 2012 by a couple of high school buddies, the band went through a handful of line-up changes, attracting more experienced musicians, before releasing its first LP, “Just Listen,” this past June. The album is unadulterated pop punk with frenetic riffs, teen angst lyrics, and catchy melodies. The beauty of pop punk is that, through it all, it remains fun, and this album is a lot of fun. Surely it transfers well live.”