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“As a country music critic, Whyte Panther is more than just a songwriter/singer - he is the epitome of a truly great country musician and philosopher for the ages! His vocals, lyrics and performances are above any expectations. This is a talent that has more than just talent...Whyte Panther is a man who deserves to be among the greats in the Country Music Hall of Fame.”

Sherryjane Cooke - National Country Music

"Whyte mixes the vintage with a modern approach that is uniquely him. His writing is only superseded by his ability to present his material in song. Once you've listen to his stories you are never the same." --Colonel Robert Morris

Colonel Robert Morris - Reverb Nation

"... From Tuscon, Arizona, Luigi (Whyte Panther) has wowed me with every video he has on Reverbnation! I urge you to listen to all his music and especially his videos! From hilarious to very moving and inspirational songs and talks, I just can't say enough about how much I enjoyed his genuine passion for making you laugh to making you feel emotions that bring tears to your eyes. His lyrics are pure genius and his voice is awesome!! ..."

anonymous - Facebook

"... Oh wow I am undeniably in love with the sexy dynamic western vibe of "Far Enough" this should definitely be sent to Quentin Tarantino and featured in one of his epic movies on the silver screen! You are an enormous talent! Much Love ..."

Anonymous - Reverb Nation

"... I think your vocals are somewhere between David Ball, Don MacLean, and heaven ..."


"... I was starting to lose faith in country music with all these new Hick Pop corporate country bands who don't sound country to me at all. You've restored my faith in country music again. Really great songs here! Very very cool..."

Anonymous - Reverb Nation Fan

“Listening to a Whyte Panther performance, you’d swear there was an entire band on stage, but Whyte delivers his act solo. Whyte combines his own smooth vocals with a backing track consisting of MIDI loops and synthesized music. He prepares tracks before he performs live. ... "My writing style has been compared to that of Jim Croce,” Whyte says. “I’m a storyteller at the core. My songs have a modern country feel but with some real classic country elements."”

"The most beautiful thing is the musicians - of such diverse people - all coming together in a common cause," said Carol Gaxiola director of Homicide Survivors Incorporated, which will work with the Tucson Together fund to disburse the money to victims.

"It is my sincere desire that when people listen to the music on this CD, they will remember those who were lost. And just as a melody is not forgotten after the music ceases, neither will these lives be forgotten," said classical guitarist David Rose.

“During National Crime Victims’ Rights week, 26 diverse musical groups representing 117 artists along with numerous producers and studios joined together to commemorate the release of Can We Get Together? - a benefit album that supports the victims of the January 8th shooting. Countless families had their lives altered forever, and today the Tucson music community has united to support these victims.”