Why Make Clocks / Press

“While Iowa has not been a hotbed of underground sound on par with Minneapolis to the north, Chicago to the east, and St. Louis to the south, Ames and Des Moines has produced respectable bands. The spry, 12-year-old WMC has done its part to highlight the cowtown capital, as seen again on this punchy third LP. Beginning with one of their ghostly, Neil Young-ish slowcore ticklers, “Self Impressions” (see also “Bitter”), These features anxious, mid-tempo smackers with uniquely restrained pick-riffing, such as “Emotional Audit (Facing the West),” “Boots,” “Pet Project,” and the sneaky standout, “This is Just a Test.” Our Neal Agneta notes a similarity between frontman Dan Hutchison and Lou Barlow’s angst-y, unsatisfied vocals; that too is a conduit to the conflict at the crux of an underrated trio from an underrated state.”

“The last time we heard from the guys in Why Make Clocks was when they released their Midwestern Film album in October of 2006. We liked what we heard then…but we’re even more impressed with the sounds we’re hearing on These Things Are Ours. This, the Des Moines-based trio’s third full-length release, features precisely effective and poignant progressive pop music with a difference. The tracks on this album are moody, subdued, and melodic…and ultimately filled with a genuine spirit that is rewarding and genuine. The promotional materials that accompanied this disc compared the band’s sound to The Wrens, Pedro The Lion, and Guided By Voices. All of these comparisons hold true…but these folks are by no means copying or aping the sound of other bands. The songs are unique and real…and seemingly delivered with pure sincerity. Ten creative cuts here including “Self Impressions,” “Bitter,” “Checkmate,” and “Sometimes.” Recommended. (Rating: 5++)”