Lamma / Press

“The song is sure to be a nice chill track as Lamma freestyles over a famous Just Blaze beat. The rapper goes in about his humble beginnings as a youngster and gives you a glimpse into his life. So don't forget to download the tape and enjoy the song.”

“I won’t say too much but this right here is great muisc. A real hip-hop feel. The guy is named Lamma.”

“Lamma One Of The Most Talented Artists I Know Coming Up In The Game”

“WHO’S LAMMA??? This music video is fire, has mans wanting to hit the gym to keep up.”

“Get Ready! Toronto's Lamma is fully loaded & about to BLOW!”

“Hot talent straight from Canada!”

"Get Ready" is the perfect track to pump you up at the gym or kick off your weekend.

“That boy puttin in that work!”

“This track is titled "Silky", it's not just a feeling, but a way of life.”

“He’s one of a few cats that keep a good work ethic as an unsigned artist.”

“Lamma gives you versatility with his flow and entertains your eardrums down to the last beat.”

“Lamma is a lyricist from Canada -a contender for the top spot in this wonderful world of HIP HOP that could do some damage. I couldn’t find not one thing about the song that I didn’t like, impressive.”

“Lamma unleashes cans of lyrical whip ass.”

“Lamma is equipped with an ill flow.”

“You will definitely want to get to know Lamma after hearing this song. Lamma is equipped with an ill flow and he is from Toronto,Canada.”

“Every now and then a brotha gotta sing about what he really wants. Not mad this kid outta the T.Dot, sing that ish my dude!”

“Considering this is Lamma’s 3rd single off of his demo, he is no stranger to making hit records.”

“LAMMA is a legit hip-hop sensation out of Toronto, Canada with a versatile talent in song writing & rap skills that sets him apart from many up and coming artists in Canada.”

"Homie went hard (pause) the first time around...now he's showing y'all his softer side with Making of You"

“Here is his latest song called “Makings of You”. Turn your speakers up and enjoy.”

"Makings of you" is real smooth!

"Fresh out of Toronto, Canada, Lamma is working towards imprinting the hip hop world with his sound."

“Get ready to nod your head.”

“Lamma is a versatile song writer with a very unique set of rap skills.”

“His sound is definitely different from the majority of music being released lately.”

“His flow is aggressive as hell & he definitely has his own style.”

“Versatile talent in song writing and unique energetic rap skills set him apart from many up and coming artists in Canada.”

“Lamma is on a fast track to becoming the next hip-hop sensation out of Toronto, Canada.”

“Up & coming rapper/songwriter from Toronto, Canada.”

“I like his carribean-sounding flow.”

“His flow is unique.”

“Drake aint the only one out Toronto spittin'. Homie got some bars.”

“He’s an unsigned up and coming hip-hop artist from Toronto, Canada.”