Whopner County / Press

“A Whopner County State of Mind Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace (thanks to Hank III for that lyric) is a place called Whopner County. Someplace where your floorboards are worn into polished ruts from generations of stockinged feet. Where there’s a creek bank in the shade awaitin’ after a day in the fields. Where everyone at the neighborhood bar saves a stool for you. Where there’s no heartbreak that free-flowing whiskey can’t fix. The band consists of Ken Howe (drums), J.P. Scofield (bass, vocals), Matt Alpert (lead guitar), Sara Scofield (vocals, kazoo, tambourine) and Gregg Vollstedt (lap steel, guitar). Both Sara Scofield and Vollstedt sing on most songs, and their duets and harmonies are country gold. There’s a little bit of pain in each song, but also an awful lot of leaning on each other to get through, just like real life. So wherever you live or wherever you’re from, you can always be in a Whopner County state of mind. — Vanessa Salvia ”

Vanessa Salvia - The Eugene Weekly