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“Sean tagged you in a post. Sean wrote: "shoutout to Demetrius Whodini-Blak Reynolds for bein generous to give a guy a shot n see what he can do. wish more people in this world were willing to help people so that they can pass along what they know and help someone else accomplish the same goal they had"”

“Profound lyrically, stylishly profound, this artist right here is truly innovative of the past. An innovator of the future.”

Aaron Hall/DJ Big KraQ - FaceBook Wall Post

“Creativity : 8/10...Aside from hinting Bone Thugs in your music. I think it's a very creative album. It's original for the most part and it's not a " typical rap or hip hop album "”

Robby Plant/DJ Rob - In reference to the review of Whodini-Blak's "No Dayz Off" Mixtape

“I'm really hyped about doing this project, I hear so much more potential in it and it really is a work of art how the music is constructed and produced. I can't wait to take these tracks to the next level so that I may hear it in its true fidelity! I want to get these tracks to the point that they are detailed and well articulated so that people can hear what I hear, a work of art! Very ambitious over here! - Aaron Hall/DJ Big KraQ Hardened Records (ASCAP) CHENG, Lead Producer/Owner 619-218-1851 djbigkraq@gmail.com”

Aaron Hall/DJ Big KraQ - In reference to the review of Whodini-Blak's "No Dayz Off" Mixtape

“Isyss Sevensignfolife posted on your Wall. "I jus wanna say thank you! The song Real.. loved how you came in on it! much luv from the 7. God blessu"”

“7th Sign Ent./Oraclez Ent. — Loco Ent. Bizzy Bone is the Boss – CEO Q Loco the Underboss – President Mrz. Loco Da First Lady – Vice President Demetrius Whodini Blak – Artist Repertoire Mario Thompson - T1 Films – Director/Producer Alfred P– Associate Producer, Photographer, Etc”