“On WHOA!TIGER's new album, “The Rollout", the four-piece rock band from Indianapolis succeeds when they embrace their inner '70s rock band tendencies, and write lyrics more cinematic than universal. The record wins with flashes of detailed lyrics and gutsy rock and roll...”

“WHOA!TIGER feels like a band that could take a dark club and a beer-lubricated live crowd someplace higher. The album (“The Rollout”) harnesses the potential of that live vibe and provides a set of songs to take on stage and turn up.”

"(WHOA!TIGER) have nicely progressed to being known to those who seek them out as a tight, road-tested rock band..."

“WHOA!TIGER is about as eclectic as they come for a rock band from central Indiana as they bring rhythms of funk, pop-rock, reggae and alt-country to their tunes. No matter what your flavour in music may be, Whoa!Tiger is a band basically everybody can enjoy.”

“WHOA!TIGER draws deeply from rock’s classic roots to create their material. It’s the musical equivalent of comfort food - appealing, inviting, and familiar.”

IMN OnTrack/IndianapolisMusic.net

“(WHOA!TIGER) is fun, energetic and are more into mining every genre than finding a niche. After the funky bass, they're really just straight-up original rock. That shouldn't make them unique, but in our indie rock-dominated town, it does.”

Barfly - NUVO Newsweekly

“WHOA!TIGER is quickly becoming a favorite of Locals Only with an eclectic mix of rock and blues that brings you back to how rock and roll used to sound..solid and real.”

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