Whit Walker / Press

“If Only All of Rome Had Just One Neck” is hard to classify, but one gets the impression that that’s sort of Whit Walker’s point. Who needs labels? All sounds and styles are fair game, and who says those sounds need to be arranged in a certain way? Looking for hooks or simple verse-chorus-verse song structure? Look elsewhere. Looking for a label to hang on Walker’s style? Good luck.”

““Lorena Bobbitt” mines similarly quirky territory, but it’s repetitive hooks are addictive in their own catchy way. This is the one track you’ll still be humming after you’ve finished listening to the whole album.”

“Walker's "Momma Wanna Hold Yer Hand" has a repeating call and response of the title phrase, accompanied by a jangling tambourine that keeps things Haight-Ashbury in the open before getting more folksy with the addition of a squeezebox. The organization here is pretty interesting. ”

“Whit Walker's quavering but earnest vocals add emotional weight to his bluesy, country-esque track "Wanna' Hold Yer Hand," and the slightly distorted female backing vocals coupled with the sound of an accordion help put a unique spin on a traditional sound.”

"Sounds like a Wes Anderson movie"