Whitney Mongé / Press

“Talking with Mongé makes it incredibly apparent: this woman works hard. From recording to performing almost constantly to managing herself as a business, you can’t question her commitment to her career and her craft.”

"... she sang with a soulful sandpapered voice pleasingly roughed at the edges from years of barking her pop songs on street corners. 'The American idol, the American dream. Oh and one day, one day, you’ll be free.' She won. It was a moment made for TV."

“Comparisons to Tracy Chapman and Janis Ian are fitting but fail to capture another element of Monge’s style—a sharp edge running through both her guitar chords and vocals, resonating qualities of Janis Joplin.”

“If you were wondering what would happen if Macy Gray went on a serious bender, and Melisa Ethridge picked her up after the bar closed and they ended up in the back seat of Tracy Chapman’s Fast car: Whitney Monge would be what happened. Silky, raspy, sexy and street wisdom beyond her years.”

“When an artist of Miss Monge’s caliber chooses to keep going, it’s not because of ego, or vanity, it’s because her blood is lined with a substance almost every other successful person in any industry has, and as long as she breathes, it’s flowing.”

“I know this singer/songwriter is on the young side, but she crafts her music like a well-seasoned professional beyond her years, musically and lyrically.”

“Have you ever heard someone say about a massively popular mainstream artist “Oh my god! I used to drink a beer and listen to them play this coffee shop/bar/club by my old apartment! I even have the demo they were selling; that thing is probably worth a lot of money on ebay!” If you want to be that annoying, name dropping guy one day this is your chance. Get to one of Whitney’s shows, drink a beer, buy a copy of Heartbeat so that later, when Monge is accepting her Grammy you can reminisce about how you two were practically BFF’s.”

““Heartbeat”, is a fitting title for the style of music the crowd heard. She talked about the new album, and the spirit in which the songs had been written, then launched into the first of many powerful performances. She played “Crash” ” Heartbeat” and many of the songs from the new album. My favorite of the evening was not on this album,but rather a new song [Tomorrow] she had just written. With a haunting melody and passionate phrasing, the rendition left me spellbound.”

“Whitney is a moving performer to be in the presence of.”

“She (Whitney) has the most vibrant, powerfully projected voice. She sings with such an amazing love vibration! Her voice filled up the entire Pike Place Market. We had to stop, close our eyes and listen to her. Enjoy!”