Whitney Ballen / Press

“Ya know when you hear something and you're instantly like, "whoa, thats really fucking good". My exact thoughts upon hearing the voice/music/splendor of Whitney Ballen, who's country tinged tracks are the extra bit of sugar you need to brighten up your day/melt your heart/face.”

"Her new album White Feathers, White Linens, couches her typically high, wispy singing in arrangements that vary from spare and spacey acoustics to tight, alt-country–inflected pop, all intertwined with found sound recordings collected by Ballen.”

“The track "And when I met you, I was like Oh" is just muddled whispering—a boy telling a girl he thinks she's cute and her giggling in response. It's a sweet, private moment offered without a larger context, but it's a reminder that the songs we're listening to come from real people's stories.”

“Last December Ballen released her first record, White Feathers, White Linens, a title that accurately represents her songs' pristine, airy delicacy.”

"Next year might also bring us a new album by the very talented young singer-songwriter Whitney Ballen. Her voice is stunning—imagine a less off-putting but still precious Joanna Newsom. Ballen's written both playful pop songs ("Little Secrets") and gorgeous, emotional, and sparse ballads ("California State")."

"One feature that I caught was a 'Locals Only' show which included material from bands from the local area. Now given that we are talking about Seattle there's obviously quite a bit of quality 'usual suspects' fodder to choose from. However one of the tracks that jumped out at me was called 'Little Secrets' by an artist I hadn't heard of before called Whitney Ballen."

"Hopefully we'll get a peek at the songs she's been hiding for so long."

"She has this alluring presence about that makes people want to know more about her and her music."

"A small window into the vast creative mind of Whitney Ballen, a girl whom I was extremely impressed with when I saw her perform live at the Old Fire House a couple months ago."

"Whitney's music is magic. The first time listening was one of those moments that reality snaps in an inaudible high frequency pitch before your eyes and all that's left are these surreal, extra-real songs."