White Witch Canyon / Press

“To be honest, I did not have "Get my ass kicked" on my schedule this morning. I figured I'd just sip some coffee and maybe take a nap. But then this bruiser dropped on my lap and the whole fuckin' room started spinning. Forty-something minutes later and I'm covered in sweat and bleeding from the forehead. The awesomely named White Witch Canyon is the spangly new project of singer/guitar wrangler/buzz king Eric Hagen, formerly of stoner rock champs Greenhouse Effect. As such, this is not a huge departure from that band: it's acid-eating Sab-ra cadabra, full of thick, meaty riffs that sound like wooly mammoths plowing through walls of blood-stained snow, bare-chested, flared denim vox, and lava-lamping superjams that practically beg you to play 'em on a Camaro's blown-out cassette deck. Majestic shit, man. If Monster Magnet have let you down these past few years - and let's face it, they have - then I encourage to sluice down White Witch Canyon. It's a fuckin' trip, Jack. ”

Sleaze - White Witch Canyon CD Review