White Winged Dove / Press

“Follow my new journal for stories from my being a #STEVIENICKS fan, then tribute and designer/artist of clothing and jewelry....part I is up now!”

“White Winged Dove is by far the premier Fleetwood/Nicks tribute band in the area. They bring the party to your venue or event....You won't be disappointed!!!!”

S. Chester - Fan of Stevie Nicks, after seeing White Winged Dove

“The best Stevie Nicks tribute band I have ever seen.. Barbara has the most amazing voice and you feel like it’s really Stevie Singing to you.”

Tracy Henry - Review after seeing White Winged Dove multiple times

“White Winged Dove, Stevie Nicks Tribute, Starts Nationwide 2014 Tour: "In The Web That is My Own, I Begin Again"”

"EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING... Having my tea and cookies, my faux fur throw across my legs and pondering the evening last... For those who were not in attendance at the WHITE WINGED DOVE's 2014 debut event of events @ the Moonshadow Tavern in Tucker, Georgia USA, you missed out! Lead vocalist, Barbara Joy , background vocalist, Christa Huth and the four additional and exceptional musicians really rocked it out and brought it on home with their exquisite covers of some of the most popular hits of Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac as well as other great performances of songs by Bad Company, the Motels and Adele...to name just afew. Along with Pamela Anne, Veronica Lee and Michael Oliver...I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was an awesome night and I intend to catch as many of this years performances by this accomplished and noteworthy band as I am able or my schedule allows. ~ YOUR DOVE OF DOVE... PREL'S RATING: A+"

“The band sounds amazing and Barbara Joy lets her passion for Stevie pour out from her very soul in her magical and haunting performances ... Her voice is impeccable and her stage presence will have you spellbound as if you were watching Ms. Nicks herself. She rocks me to the very core and I for one cannot wait to see them perform live in the coming new year and experience first hand what the whole world will soon be talking about! It is an honor and a privilege to support such a hard working, professional sounding band and the fact that you cover Stevie Nicks and the greatest band of all time Fleetwood Mac is an absolute bonus! I hope VERY much to get the opportunity to see you you guys perform live in the very near future... keep up the stellar work my friends!”

“White Winged Dove, Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac tribute band, opens up the Taste Of South Cobb Festival”

“Just like the white winged dove: Stevie Nicks tribute band rocks”