White Shag / Press

“White Shag is a high-powered, energy packed rock band composed of Laura Mendoza, Jorge Cortez and Joe Leone. The trio pushes out a raw sound that harkens back to early punk days from the Stooges and MC5 to modern-day influences from the like Guns n’ Roses. Mendoza and Jorge both share lead vocal duties, feeding off each other with a fierce sultry demeanor that bares the soul of their Latino heritage and cultural musical roots.”

"White Shag is an engaging and highly entertaining group that is sure to satisfy. Their time-honored mash of rock star flair and meat and potatoes riffage should appeal to music fans of all ages. And their heavy sound and visual onslaught has just the right amount of danger, but comes off as something more approachable and real than off-putting. Mendoza and company are an essential representation of what's cooking in Detroit and certainly poised for wider things on the national scale as well. "

“ROCKWIRED has always had a thing for strong female fronted bands and WHITE SHAG gave that to us in abundance with a heavy fucking sound that combined the likes of LED ZEPPELIN and SUZI QUATRO. They were just one of the many bands that came to us from the Motor City this year and they are one of three to make onto the year end list.”

“MC’s annual, eagerly awaited Hot 100 list spotlights the live performers who made us sit up and take notice in 2012. Those involved in determining the results of this year’s poll included not only Music Connection staff members, but freelance journalists, club bookers and other industry professionals from across the US. White Shag is one of those artists.”

“The band White Shag have electrified audiences with their one-of-a-kind stage presence and raucous sound that comes off as Janis Joplin meets Creem. The rhythm section of Laura Mendoza and drummer Joe Leone set the thunderous proceedings in motion but it is ax man Jorge Cortez who sets off the pyrotechnics on the mother fucker! Pure unadulterated rock n roll is what's on display here and just enough showmanship to keep you coming back for more.”

"This band fires up a scorching stoner-metal ruckus, its fist clenched, boots ready to kick you right in the chin from the stage, resurrecting MC5-refined, Motorhead-melded raucousness."

Jeff Milo - The Metro Times

“They need to put out a full-length, no, I need them to put out a full-length album, I need more of this! The songs have massive riffs, hooks galore and keep the tradition of incredible Detroit bands going. Grab this EP, go see them live and tell them that you want more music from them.”

“There are power trios and then there is White Shag- a band with a powerful sound that's taking the town of Detroit by storm thanks to the release of their self-titled EP. Lead vocalist and bassist Laura Mendoza is a rock and roll wild woman with a vein of Suzi Quatro and she's got some no nonsense tracks that she can sink her fangs into such as "Die For Me", "Penetration" and "Violate Me". A dynamic frontwoman and bassist are all well and good but what would White Shag be without guitarist Jorge Cortez and drummer Joe Leone?”

“Some seriously major Rock`N Roll influences are stacked up in this Detroit band`s press release, but as the first rule of Rock insists on total attitude magnification, White Shag have probably shortened this list quite considerably. The Detroit trio is fronted by the magnetically charged Laura Mendoza, her duties in female Rock`N Roll artistry are indeed limitless, low slung bass routines and a sexy vocal innuendo will always ensure a show`s maximum attendance. Relentless thundering percussion holds together the raucous exuberance of this sweaty glam-fest, Guitarist, Jorge Cortez could conceivably strap a feedback infused six-string on each arm and still pause for some ingeniously braided riffage, grab a slice of White Shag`s benevolent pre-Punk standards, the four track EP is available now with all of it`s timeless implications and fantastic theatrical vigor – A marvelously photogenic start to our audio week.”

“These guys sincerely state an ambition to become one of the best rock bands of all time. Now, it would usually be difficult to contain laughter if a band said that but, when it is uttered from these mouths, it’s hard not to get carried away with the complete and absolute passion for their music. No fronting, no cockiness, White Shag wants to make Detroit rock ’n’ roll the way they want to hear Detroit rock ’n’ roll.”

"White Shag is an awesome band. Led by the unpredictable, awesome, hypnotic Laura Mendoza, the band ropes together everything that was great about the ‘70s and ‘80s – the substance is there but they’re not afraid of a little style either. The tunes are hooky as fuck on the four tracks that make up this self-titled EP, and the riffs are massive. Think the Darkness with a magnificent Detroit chick up front. What could be better?"

"If Iggy Pop and Janis Joplin had a daughter, her name would be Laura Mendoza. She is non-stop motion with a snarl sweet as butter. Jorge Cortez provides blistering guitar licks. And it's like supported by Joe Leone solid backbeats. White Shag pumps out neo-classic rock n' roll with non-stop energy."