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“All Access previously featured the Austin based band, White Label Analog and the inspiration for their February released single, “Curves”. The four piece band returns with more stories – this time from the road where they almost didn’t make it into OR out of Canada.”

“February saw the four-piece rock band White Label Analog share their first release of the year with the instantly infectious "Curves." With more laid-back and subtle sonics than many of their previous releases, "Curves" walks the line of original yet instantly familiar. As the opening "ooh-oohs" kick in, the listener is drawn in and welcomed as lead singer Chris Didear sings, "you're not alone" in the chorus.”

“It’s no secret that the band’s hometown of Austin, Texas is one of the most musical cities in America. Coincidentally, it’s also known as one of the best cities in the country for restaurants and good eating. In turn, the members of White Label Analog have checked in today with their Top 10 ways of indulging in the city’s best bars, restaurants, and local, up-and-coming musical acts.”

“White Label Analog Release New Single “Curves””

“News: Austin Rockers White Label Analog Drop New Music Video ‘Curves’ White Label Analog marry intricate guitars and catchy choruses on new single “Curves.” The band have dropped a music video for the new track.“Curves” showcases the Texans more melodic side, a cathartic and pop-gilded, track discussing the toils of post-pandemic isolation and mental health struggles; a reminder that tough times don’t last but tough people do.”

“EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: White Label Analog Drops ‘Curves’ (Plus A Gorgeous Video!) Hey, hey, hey, honeybees! We’re almost into the weekend and we thought we’d ring it in by sharing some awesome new music with you! There’s a brand new release from White Label Analog, an indie pop/rock band who hail from Austin, TX. The track is called ‘Curves’ and honestly, we are OBSESSED. Oh, and the music video? Left us absolutely in awe. It’s an amazing track that really captures the experience of the last few years dealing with COVID and the fatigue so many of us are experiencing as well as the resiliency that’s been demonstrated. It kinda feels like hope in a song?”

“Singled Out: White Label Analog 's Feelin' It”

“From one of the country’s most celebrated hubs of of emerging rock music, Austin rock quartet White Label Analog seamlessly blend instrumental guile with gloriously catchy hooks and a dexterous, multi-layered blend of influence from the 80’s and 90’s, as well as nods to their more present day contemporaries. Subsequently, notes of Walk The Moon and Neon Trees shine through in the band’s recent tracks, a gregarious and unabashed display of toe-tapping rock. The Lone Star State outfit shot to the fore following a breakout 2016, which saw the band unveil debut full-length, ‘In Case You Just Tuned In‘ and set off on their inaugural national tour. “Feelin’ It” comes as the band’s first new music since 2018’s “Everyone Knows” and have relished the opportunity to return to the studio. “It’s been a rough last couple of years for everyone, so it just feels great to come out with something that is fun and carefree”, said lead vocalist Chris Didear of the new singl”

“Austin rockers White Label Analog have unveiled their hook-laden, serotonin inducing new single; ‘Feelin’ It’ is out now.”

“White Label Analog Drop Buoyant New Single “Feelin’ It””

“Today we’d like to introduce you to Chris Didear.”

““Everybody Knows” is very deep without any boring interference, and it’s progressive without being pompous. There’s something about this song that just flows with a minimum of fuss and bother, yet it still has high and low points in the tempo changes. It makes me want to see them live with a big stage production, not knowing one way or the other what they’re like in concert. It’s all about not living the “ordinary life” at any cost, and the promo video also helps drive that overall point by sticking to celebrating life. The subject matter is pretty- obviously mixed between romance and muddling through the current political chaos that surrounds us. But you can also take away a plethora of different reactions to this monster of a track by White Label Analog, a killer band from Texas with a variety of music in tow within just a few years on the scene.”

“The vocals of Didear are perfectly complimented by the female backing in just the right places.The whole thing stands up to most in the same genre range, but it’s the first I’ve heard of White Label Analog, but it won’t be the last, as this is as good as any introduction to a band can get. “Everybody lives but are they living” is the question the song begs an answer for. The vibes are uplifting, and the lyrics are very inspiring, and so are the vocal chants. “No ordinary life will do / I’ve waited my whole life for you,” is another lyric worth mentioning, because if you can’t follow such an infectious song without knowing the lyrics, then you’ll find the perfect balance here. It’s not easy keeping up with all the talent coming out of the Indie Rock world, but every time I hear a band like this it brings a smile and some restoration of my faith in music.This is a great single by an undeniably awesome band, so spread the word around as they break more ground.”

“A vocal derivative of John Mayer and Phillip Phillips, lead singer Chris Didear gives a strong performance. Musically wrought with rhythmic happiness, the spirit of the track is immediately reminiscent of the likes of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, as the boys of WLA offer an unapologetically enthusiastic beam of sonic sunshine, encouraging all to live and love brightly, and for no other reason other than it feels good…”

“Devising an intensely relatable and equally fun love ballad is the true essence of what it means to be a standout pop musician. The members of White Label Analog captivatingly personify what it means to be a true American band that can create inspirational anthems. That’s certainly the case with the lively and enduring ‘Everybody Knows,’ which shows how unequivocal love might encourage people who are living through this difficult era to truly embrace life.”

“It’s a song that can help you cheer up after a rough day. It’s a song that might make you believe in love again. If you don’t instantly feel at least a little bit happier while listening to this song, you have no heart at all. On another angle, away from the relationship idea—you could hear this song as a testament to your spiritual calling (whether god is your “best friend,” or you worship nature, or something else altogether). Maybe the chorus opening led to this decision, or maybe this is just such an amazingly uplifting song that is difficult not to read a ton of things into it.”

“Everybody Knows is a beautiful song, beautifully conceptual with heartfelt, kind intentions, and beautifully performed and captured on this recording. The chorus of vocals alongside of the opening acoustic aura makes for something that feels light, even pretty – then you get the slight grit of the leading voice, something with a touch of punk-pop to it. As the track builds, the scene is set before you, the layers of story-line and instrumentation are added one by one, and slowly but surely the whole thing just surrounds and embraces the listener in a classically enjoyable way. There’s also a touch of anthemic value to the sound, particularly the hook, and this – along with the organic style – makes for something that would undoubtedly provide a huge moment at a live show for everyone involved. An easy song to love and one that’s notably recognisable right now, every time it reappears.”

“‘Everybody Knows’, by Austin rockers White Label Analog, is one of those songs that you know pretty much from the start that you’re going to enjoy it. A catchy track, it will have you singing along on the second listen, if not from the start.”

““Everybody Knows” opens with a pop-flavored intro flowing into a pop-rock tune full of infectious energy and streaming colors. Didear’s voice infuses the song with rich, creamy resonance, as radiant vocal harmonies suffuse the backdrop. The flow of the harmonics is iridescent, glowing with buoyant flavors and a compelling rhythm. The lyrics are infectious and quixotic. White Label Analog definitely has it going on. “Everybody Knows” is full of coruscating dynamism.”

“In what will be the first of several upcoming individual tracks, the WLA’s fun and raucous latest single “Everybody Knows” is the perfect uplifting antidote/anthem to counteract these troubling and challenging times.”

“The members of White Label Analog are anxious for something to happen. Their collective energy is akin to an office worker’s leg bouncing up and down at 4 p.m. on a Friday. They’ve put in the time in their individual careers and as a band for the past four years, so some recognition and appreciation would be nice. “Playing a song you worked really hard on, and you see people in the audience singing along to it, anything past that is just icing on the cake,” adds guitarist James Millican. The indie pop-rock band released its debut LP, In Case You Just Tuned In, in September after an “arduous” process, says bassist Aaron Herbster, with about a year spent writing, rewriting, demoing, and pre-production. Fortunately, their friendship keeps the songwriting process a fun, collaborative affair. For instance, on their first EP, A Little More Time, they laid down a rough draft of what would become the first single, “Echoes.” “I would bug everybody like, ‘I love this song,”

“How would you describe your band? AH: Indie, alt-rock CD: We are an Indie-Alt-Rock-Pop band with an emphasis on the rock. I know it sounds like too many genres, but that’s what I think we are! HM: Indie Rock….I think that’s the best fit for what we do, we have a variety of elements in the music…everything from soft/subtle Pop vibes to a harder gritty Rock edged feel with modern keys and harmonies thrown in. JM: I would describe us as a modern alternative band with a rock edge. A lot of our sound is influenced by bands like The Strokes, Phoenix, and The Killers so we try to retain that catchy pop feel while still being able to rock out. If you had to choose one song you’ve written that best defines your band which one would it be? HM: For me it would be “Rainmaker” I think it kinda encompasses everything that I just stated in the prior question…it’s got a little bit of everything. AH: That’s difficult because I think a lot define us, without pigeon-holing us: ”

“In the Spotlight White Label Analog Austin indie rock band White Label Analog will make its "maiden voyage" to Amarillo for a show Saturday, but they've already made inroads, lead singer Chris Didear said. Songs from the band's first EP, A Little More Time, and its new full-length, In Case You Just Tuned In, are in regular rotation on FM90, which give the band "a great reason to come play for an audience in Amarillo," Didear said. The band will make its debut at 10 p.m. Saturday at Leftwoods, 2511 S.W. Sixth Ave. Cover is $5. He founded the band when he found himself between gigs in Austin. "I put an ad on Craigslist, believe it or not, and met James (Millican), the guitarist, who had just recently moved from Virginia down to Austin," Didear said. "I was looking to write music (previously, he worked as a drummer) and do something maybe different than I had worked on in the past, and we hit it off and we started writing some songs." Didear and members Heath Macintosh (drums)...”

“White Label Analog is a killer alt band from Austin, Texas. The band’s roll call includes Chris Didear (Lead Vocals), James Millican (Guitar/Vocals), Alison Pepper (Keys/Vocals), Aaron Herbster (Bass), and Heath Macintosh (Drums/Vocals). Right off the bat, this music is not the norm for me, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this album. I like my tunes a bit less polished and also pretty dark, but this body of work actually has quite a lot of variety to it. Some songs were poppy, some sad, and some retro. In Case You Just Tuned In is the debut album for White Label Analog. With no prior albums to compare this release to, I am tempted to compare it to our favorites from the early 2000’s such as now-classic releases from The Killers or the Arctic Monkeys – you know, a lot of simplified guitar instrumentals and parts that go “hoo hoo hoo.” This album takes me back to a time when I thought wearing head to toe pink fleece tracksuits was a pretty dope look and not at”

“Heath Macintosh recently spoke to www.theartofla.com via an email interview to talk about the band’s unique name and how it related to their approach to making music in a more of an organic and traditional way and incorporating that with some digital technology, its first tour as a band and that positive experience, working with Mark Needham in the studio and the Austin scene and how its changed for the musicians themselves and the fans of live music and more. How did the band come up with the name White Label Analog? HEATH: Well we went through a bunch of options as bands do when they are trying to all agree on a name that is universally liked by all members. I had the idea to use the term White Label as it refers to promo albums from the vinyl days, when record labels would do a white label pressing that is basically just a cheap promo copy with no frills for radio stations and what not. And as we do embrace the modern technology of music, we are still very much an Analog band...”

“We here at Infectious have teamed up with Austin indie rockers White Label Analog to bring you quite the treat. The band released their first full-length, In Case You Just Tuned In, last month and we have the inside scoop to each and every track! Check out the exclusive track-by-track after the jump! And be sure to listen along with the album as you read what inspired each of the 11 songs! Awakened By The Fire Go forth and live the life you desire. Rainmaker A woman who you are crazy attracted to, a head turner, and desired by others, but may not be the best thing for you. She causes a wake of destruction in her path and in the end you know just where you stand. Echoes This song originally started out as a completely different idea about a year ago and we ended up salvaging part of the chorus to use as a bridge in the current version. It was inspired by personal loss and is an acknowledgement of the frailty of life, but also celebrates the legacy of the human spirit. Reminding...”

“We head back to a city we love to swing by – one of our favorite music capitals in the USA – Austin, Texas. White Label Analog (Aaron Herbster, Heath Macintosh, Chris Didear, James Millican, Alison Pepper) is doing the town proud, cultivating a brand of alternative rock that mixes in some pop sensibilities and an indie edge that’s pleasantly familiar from the dozens of bands we’ve sat down with from Austin. Just last year, White Label Analog released their first EP, A Little More Time, a White Label Analog introduction to fresh full-length album, a collection titled In Case You Just Tuned In. We asked the band to tell us all about it – Didear said, “You can expect an interesting and versatile journey from beginning to end. Instead of having only one standout track, it is a great body of work. It speaks to the variety of styles we incorporated for this effort. It was difficult picking a single. No one song clearly defines our sound. Rather, the collection as a whole better r”

“If you’re in need of a change from bumping the usual pop and hip-hop hits, take a chance on White Label Analog, an indie rock band of sorts from Austin, Texas. The new band is just budding on the scene, having released their debut album "In Case You Just Tuned In" in late August. “'In Case You Just Tuned In' is a veritable snapshot of our lives since releasing (our 2015 EP) 'A Little More Time.' A reflection of our ideas, feelings, and the experiences we’ve all shared,” drummer and vocalist Heath Macintosh says on their official band website (whitelabelanalog.com). The group claims they are not interested in trying to restrain their music by forcing it to fit a particular genre. Their music flavor tastes familiar, however, and it might have something to do with the work of mixing engineer Mark Needham on the album, who worked for The Killers, Neon Trees, and Imagine Dragons. Take, for example, the tracks “Turn to Dust” and “Awakened By the Fire,” each with upbeat,”

“How do you label a band who has the ability to create contagious and motivating melodies, pull in popular genre trends, keep classic traditions alive and still make you dance? Here is your answer–you can’t. The Austin, Texas-based indie rock band White Label Analog brings a trademark sound that only members from the band can describe and that is why we decided to sit down and ask them some questions about their latest album: In Case You Just Tuned In. Describe your thoughts and feelings around releasing your new album In Case You Just Tuned In. Heath Macintosh, Drums/Vocals: It’s very exciting, we released an EP in May of last year and this is our first full-length album. We have been getting some great response from it overall and are working hard to keep the momentum going as we move forward to gain exposure and new fans. Chris Didear, Lead Vocals: It was an intense process we sunk our hearts into. We were absolutely devoted to taking a bigger step forward, both musically, a”

“White Label Analog is an indie alternative pop/rock group based in Austin, Texas. They have just released their first full album In Case You Just Tuned In, which Talk Nerdy With Us reviewed last week. You can click the link here to read the review. Comprised of vocalist Chris Didear, guitarist/vocalist James Millican, drummer/vocalist Heath Mcintosh, keyboardist/vocalist Alison Pepper and bassist Aaron Herbster, White Label Analog displays a mastery of music composition as well as performance. Fortunately for us, band members Chris Didear and Heath Mcintosh were kind enough to make time to speak with us at Talk Nerdy and answer some of our questions. Thank you very much for taking the time out to speak with us here at Talk Nerdy. I just spent the morning listening to In Case You Just Tuned In and I really like the music. At least for me, it fills a spot for when I need something interesting and yet not too angsty or over-wrought. In Case You Just Tuned In although your ...”

“If you like Columbus-based power pop band WALK THE MOON, you’re going to absolutely adore White Label Analog. Despite some similarities in sound, White Label Analog is able to emulate WALK THE MOON while putting their own personal twist into it – creating something unique and shockingly refreshing. In their latest album, In Case You Just Tuned In, White Label Analog paints an upbeat, bouncy picture of delicious hooks and bright melodies. Through smooth, groovy tracks with vocals surprisingly Brendon Urie-esque, White Label Analog put together a danceable album. Songs like Rainmaker, Al Capone, and Off The Wall (my personal favorites) are badass and filled with powerful bass lines, and provide a refreshing break from the occasionally repetitive album. Rarely, the band would slip into a sound that lacked a certain uniqueness to it – whether or not that’s a product of the genre, it led to my lack of focus. Regardless, the album has an overall warmth to it. The synth tracks are un”

“You guys just finished your fall tour, how did it go? The tour went well for our first tour, we made some new fans, had a great bonding experience as a band, gave our PR firm (BPM) some opportunities to help us get our branding out there…overall I would say it was a success in what our expectations were for our first tour. Did you have endeavor any nightmarish complications during your tour? Actually, everything went pretty smooth from the stand point of logistics, there were a few downers like the club that we were supposed to play at in Portland that went through an ownership change a few weeks or so prior to us leaving for tour and they had to cancel the show the day before due to new ownership not securing their liability insurance and not being able to open. And a few other bumps in the road, but overall nothing nightmarish, we rolled with the punches and kept things positive and professional with every venue despite things maybe not always being exactly how shows were...”

“It is Monday and can sometimes be one of the hardest days to get through, but with the right music playing, it can be the best day. Today I am cranking up the new album In Case You Just Tuned In from alternative rockers, White Label Analog. The album was released earlier this month and features production credits from 11-time Grammy nominated engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons), as well as Dwight Baker, Mark Dufour, and Chris Frenchie Smith. Coming together from a myriad of musical backgrounds, the members of White Label Analog bring personal experiences and musical mastery to every single track. Bassist Aaron Herbster remarked that, “there’s something very special about finding the right chemistry of musicians.” This is one of those albums that you will find yourself listening to fully and on repeat. It delivers 11 tracks that features a variety of styles of alternative, indie, pop and rock, with one thing in common, each song is quite addictive...”

“Earlier this month a musician friend of mine sent me a message telling me a friends indie/alternative rock band from Austin, Texas was headed out on tour and that Seattle was one of their dates. He told me that I needed to check them while they were in town. So of course trusting his opinion I made time to check out the band White Label Analog when they arrived. On September 15th they arrived in town to play the El Corazon along with Lando, Season of Strangers and Flawed Hero. As soon as WLA hit the stage and vocalist Chris Didear opened his mouth and started singing I was immediately thrust back to the 80’s band English Beat’s song “Sooner or Later”. I am pretty sure WLA’s vocalist is channeling English Beat’s vocalist Dave Wakeling! The vocals are so strikingly similar it’s freaky! Their show was really good. They were very entertaining and their music is very enjoyable to listen too. It’s got a really good beat that is great for dancing and the songs are catchy and ”

“What’s the origin of that name and have you changed the band’s name before? White Label pressings were the way that record labels used to send out promo copies of a single back in the days of vinyl. So it would be just a generic black and white label and was a cheaper way for them to do the promo copies and save a few bucks. So, in keeping with that vibe we added the word “Analog” to complete the name “White Label Analog.” Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs and do you think these topics will change over time? Typically they will start out as either cool riffs, partially written songs, or more complete song ideas from our guitarist James. Then, if lyrics or vocal melodies need to be written, Chris will work on those. Once there is enough of an idea to jam it in practice, we then begin the process of forming more final drafts. We break them down and try any ideas offered by any member in an effort to improve the song’s overal”

“Catch up with Austin-based indie pop rockers White Label Analog and listen to lead single "Echoes" off the band's debut album, In Case You Just Tuned In, out now. What brought you all together? Chris Didear: Most of us have been in bands for a good part of our music careers. I've been in Austin for most of my life and had known both Aaron (bass) and Heath (drums) for a while. Initially, I had just gotten out of a band and was looking to do something kind of different and outside of my comfort zone - expand my horizons, so to speak - something new, something fresh. I talked to Heath early on and, for whatever reason, at the time we were just both busy and not able to make something materialize, so I just was like, well, I'm going to put an ad on Craigslist and see what happens, and I did and I tried to work with a couple of different guys that didn't pan out and then James answered the ad and he and I gelled right off the bat. We started writing some songs and once we got a few...”

“Local Austin band White Label Analog took over Stubb’s indoors for their album release show of In Case You Just Tuned In which came out September 2nd. Opening the night at Stubb’s was another local band, The Please Please Me. Their sound was a mixture of indie and electro pop, and lead vocalist Jessie Torrisi’s strong vocals and wonderful performance got a lot of people dancing in the crowd. White Label Analog was second on the bill (though they were not the headliners of the evening). The four-piece band had a really rock n roll blues sound to them which sounded great live. The band performed several songs from their first full-length album, which fans grooved along to happily. White Label Analog certainly seemed like the headliner of the night, drawing a huge crowd in such a small room at Stubb’s. They brought many different genres of music together, their songs reflecting pop, rock, jazz, blues, and dance — a little something for everybody to enjoy. They performed thei”

“People often complain that all music sounds the same nowadays, well, White Label Analog is here to change your mind. This self-proclaimed indie rock group finds their inspiration anywhere from modern rock icons like the Killers to contemporary indie bands such as Two Door Cinema Club. White Label Analog isn’t your ordinary lineup either. These Austin, Texas locals have been around the block a few times and learned some life lessons that they apply to their style of music. So far, the band has released one EP in 2015 entitled A Little More Time, which is a snapshot of their lives up until that point. You can listen to that right now on Spotify. Next, the group recently released their debut LP In Case You Just Tuned In on September 2, 2016. Supporting this new release, you can catch them on tour in the Southwest and Midwest this fall. Starting in their hometown of Austin and making their way all the way along the west coast. Follow White Label Analog on Facebook, Twitter, and...”

“Indie-Rock band White Label Analog comes from Austin, Texas, where their southern flair no doubt peeks through an impeccable blend of energized pop, dramatic rock, and unique indie sounds, all within one 11-track album called “In Case You Just Tuned In.” Each song is just plain fun, making you want to dance around with the person closest to you. The upbeat rock tunes are spiced up with flavorful lyrics expressing stories of love and good times. This album is consistent and true to its sound, making it versatile for any spirited listener. “In Case You Just Tuned In” is a great pick-me-up for lovers of any genre”

“White Label Analog, “In Case You Just Tuned In.” The full-length debut from this indie-rock fivesome, following a 2015 EP, is full of smart, sharp and danceable pop-rock, cleanly captured by renowned engineer Mark Needham. Release show Sept. 2 at Stubb’s. Here’s the track “Echoes”:”

“On Mondays, it seems like #NewMusicFriday is a millennium away. Because it would suck to wait that long, we’re bringing you one of this week’s best releases four days early. Scroll down to check out In Case You Just Tuned In by White Label Analog! “In Case You Just Tuned In is a veritable snap shot of our lives since releasing A Little More Time; A reflection of our ideas, feelings, and the experiences we’ve all shared.” – Heath Macintosh (drummer/vocalist) The Austin, Texas band brought a handful of musical backgrounds to production masters like engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees), and the result is a group of tracks that will have you rocking along all week (and then some). Check it out below!”

“White Label Analog (Austin,TX) recently released “ECHOES” the lead single from their first full-lenght album In Case You Just Tuned In to be released September 2nd, same date when their Fall Tour launches with a show at Stubb’s here in Austin,TX.”

“Indie rock band White Label Analog have premiered their forthcoming album "In Case You Just Tuned In" on Aug. 29. Fans can stream the album in full exclusively on idobi Radio HERE. Slated for release on September 2, "In Case You Just Tuned In" marks the band's debut full-length release. White Label Analog will be hitting the road in September in support of the project - See below for dates. Drummer/vocalist Heath Macintosh told idobi Radio, "In Case You Just Tuned In is a veritable snapshot of our lives; A reflection of our ideas, feelings, and the experiences we've all shared." The 11-track project features production credits from White Label Analog as well as Dwight Baker, Mark Dufour, Chris "Frenchie" Smith and 11-time Grammy nominated mixing engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons). The result is an eclectic group of songs that form a daring alliance between traditional pop rock and today's indie scene. KLBJ's Loris Lowe praised their unique sound...”

“On Mondays, it seems like #NewMusicFriday is a millennium away. Because it would suck to wait that long, we’re bringing you one of this week’s best releases four days early. Scroll down to check out In Case You Just Tuned In by White Label Analog! “In Case You Just Tuned In is a veritable snap shot of our lives since releasing A Little More Time; A reflection of our ideas, feelings, and the experiences we’ve all shared.” – Heath Macintosh (drummer/vocalist) The Austin, Texas band brought a handful of musical backgrounds to production masters like engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees), and the result is a group of tracks that will have you rocking along all week (and then some). Check it out below!”

“Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? Aaron Herbster (AH) – Doing well and very excited to be here. Chris Didear (CD) – Hey thanks! Things are great; just crazy busy prepping for our new release and tour. Heath Macintosh (HM) – Great, just gearing up for the local CD Release at Stubb’s on Sept 2nd and the west coast tour to follow from Sept 9th-25th. Thanks for having us! James Millican (JM) – Fan-tastic. Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Echoes”? CD – Well, it is the lead off track from our new record In Case You Just Tuned In and just hit radio. So far we’re getting some great response and getting spins in markets on the West Coast, Midwest, Texas, and NY. It was self-produced and was mixed by 11-time Grammy nominee Mark Needham. He’s worked with so many great bands like The Killers, Imagine Dragons etc. We got to work with him on our first EP and were fortunate to have another opportunity with this record. HM – It’s actually a ”

“Austin-based indie alt-rock band White Label Analog will be playing Shipping and Receiving in support of their debut full-length album 'In Case You Just Tuned In'”

“White Label Analog is preparing for the release of their first full-length album In Case You Just Tuned In due out on September 2nd. The band just gave us a sample of what to expect with the first single “Echoes.” Music Times remarked that, “This is a song that will echo in the listener’s memory long after the track has concluded.” “Echoes” serves as the band’s first look at their debut full-length album. The 11-track project features production credits from White Label Analog as well as Dwight Baker, Mark Dufour, Chris “Frenchie” Smith and 11-time Grammy nominated mixing engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons). The result is an eclectic group of songs that form a daring alliance between traditional pop rock and today’s indie scene. KLBJ’s Loris Lowe praised their unique sound saying, “White Label Analog bring power pop rock…sunny melodies and delicious hooks.””

“Come on down and get to know Austin, Texas-based indie/alt-rockers White Label Analog! The band are preparing for the release of their first full-length album In Case You Just Tuned In (due out on September 2, 2016) and now you can hear the first single "Echoes" right here! White Label Analog will kick off their fall 2016 tour in September, in support of In Case You Just Tuned In . Tour Dates: 09/09 - Fort Worth, TX - Shipping and Receiving 09/10 - Norman, OK - Red Brick 09/11 - Lawrence, KS - Jackpot 09/12 - Denver, CO - Quixotes True Blue 09/14 - Spokane, WA - Red Room 09/15 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon 09/17 - Portland, OR - The Foggy Notion 09/18 - San Francisco, CA - Neck of the Woods 09/20 - Los Angeles, CA - Grandpa Johnsons 09/21 - San Diego, CA - 710 Beach Club 09/23 - Tucson, AZ - Loud House 09/24 - El Paso, TX - Rock House”

“Indie rockers White Label Analog have released their newest single, “Echoes” via Music Times. The song lives on their forthcoming debut full-length album, In Case You Just Tuned In, which is slated for release on Sept. 2. About the message behind “Echoes,” vocalist Chris Didear told Music Times, “The ‘echoes’ of the title are the reverberations of our experiences on earth that continue after we are no longer here.” Music Times remarked that, “This is a song that will echo in the listener’s memory long after the track has concluded.””Echoes” serves as the band’s first look at their debut full-length album. The 11-track project features production credits from White Label Analog as well as Dwight Baker, Mark Dufour, Chris “Frenchie” Smith and 11-time Grammy nominated mixing engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons). The result is an eclectic group of songs that form a daring alliance between traditional pop rock and today’s indie s”

“Austin, Texas has become one of the most important places for music in the United States. Spured by SXSW, Austin City Limits and a vibrant music scene, great bands are emerging from the city seemingly every week. A band to keep on your radar is five-piece group White Label Analog. The group is gearing up to release their debut full-length album In Case You Just Tuned In and we are happy to premiere the project's lead single "Echoes." Lifted as the third song from the record, "Echoes" is more than just another straight away rock record. The guitars lead the charge with some hints of The Strokes in the main break as all of the elements come together in one energetic and well-composed finish. This is a song that will echo in the listener's memory long after the track has concluded. "The 'echoes' of the title are the reverberations of our experiences on earth that continue after we are no longer here," comments vocalist Chris Didear about the new single to Music Times.”

“The band carefully and beautifully crafts melodic pop-rock that’s totally in the moment, with inspiration coming from every era — something all generations can enjoy and appreciate. They create music that feels timeless with lyrics that play on repeat in your head. White Label Analog is a band that utilizes true vocal and instrumental talent, giving them that extra boost to stand out and be the colorful and diverse band they are widely known as. Out on Sept. 2, In Case You Just Tuned In — the follow to their 2015 A Little More Time EP — is the reflection of the the band members’ ideas, feelings, and the experiences they’ve all shared together. “In Case You Just Tuned In is a veritable snap shot of our lives since releasing (their 2015 EP) A Little More Time,” Macintosh said. To create without outside influence, the band opted to self-produce the album. However, they did turn to a number of mixing engineers — 11-time Grammy nominated mixing engineer Mark Needham (The ”

“What's not to like? White Label Analog bring power pop rock, crafted by veteran musicians. If you're not adverse to having fun served with your rock and roll, then enjoy the sunny melodies and delicious hooks spiced with interesting keyboard flourishes. Your head will be bopping in no time!”

Loris Lowe - KGSR / KLBJ Radio Austin

“White Label Analog’s debut EP, A Little More Time, pops with splashes of vibrant color. These tracks are dance-floor ready. Their unique combination of power, grunge, and sweetness will hook you from your first listen and get your feet jumping in the air. Loyal fans will undoubtedly storm through Stubb’s BBQ in droves come Saturday night, but even new listeners will feel part of the family when they play the instantly catchy tracks “Sinking Ship” and “Oceana.””

“Celebrating the release of their EP, this local band is set to tear down Stubbs before setting their sights on the world at large. Playing an infectious brand of pop, White Label Analog feels cut from the same cloth as the likes of Phoenix, creating a large sound centered around powerful hooks that won’t hesitate to sink their teeth into your brain.”

“The whole birthday party theme this evening was for the lead singer and guitar player. A little more rock for this performance than the previous band. White Label Analog came out of the gate with all cylinders firing. This was definitely the power performance that brought everyone to their feet, and dragged those from outside, in. White Label Analog had that polished rock sound that easily makes you a fan. It was apparent from the crowd....there were a lot of fans in the house. I am not sure how long they were on stage, but the energy in this performance pretty much made the clocks stop!”