White Buffalo Woman / Press

“White Buffalo Woman, a four piece from Ohio, gives "My Days" a simmering blues-rock reading where singer Evan Rutledge moans out a requiem for a shattered love affair while guitarist Adam Murphy ladles on additional hurt. Rutledge has a voice that recalls Peter Wolf and the arrangement of the song indicates that WBW might be fans of pre-hit single era J. Geils Band. "This Town" on the other hand is more of a garage rocker, tinged with psychedelia where Murphy's guitar parts are aimed more at the mind than the gut shots he takes on the flip side. Good beer drinking, turn-it-up-loud music that no doubt sounds even better live.”

“White Buffalo Woman – My Days/This Town 7” "This is one of those records that makes you want to get up and go see the band out live. The A-side track, “My Days,” is a moaning Chicago-style blues number with a classic rock vice. The group really puts an interesting spin on the old “my baby left me” blues tune with a “baby left me with a baby” storyline. “My Days” is really a players' track, with the lead throwing about everything in there as he ascends to a frantic pitch, breaks, then rolls into a swirling crescendo. The B-side “This Town” recounts the classic middle-american teenage lament directed at the city where they grew up. This track is a bit heavier in tone than the previous side with more classic rock flair thrown in. The two songs stand together as a testament to the band's versatility and potential."”

Steve Hallo - Buzzbin Magazine

“part of the New Freshmen class with a nerdy edgy delivery; this was definitely not your dad’s classic rock collection”