Whistle Pigs / Press

“Do yourself a favor. Go to Bandcamp and listen to this album. You can listen to the entire thing (not just 30-second samples) for free. And after you do that, get the album for yourself. It is available as a digital download and on CD. If you like anything in the country-bluegrass-rockabilly tree, you will find yourself listening to this album a lot.”

“The Whistle Pigs does not shy away from its rural roots, often using the term “hillbilly” whenever they can. “We just felt the terms ‘country’ and ‘bluegrass’ got too big,” McCamish said. “We feel ‘hillbilly’ is more back to the roots of what we’re trying to do.” When this band of hillbillies invades Ann Arbor, McCamish said fans should expect to get their groove on. “It’s a high-energy show,” he said. “We love to entertain, and do a bit of banter onstage. There’s always a lot of dancing at our shows. It’s a good time, an old-time feel.””

“The Whistle Pigs' previous release, Long Term Plan, is an almost gleeful celebration about being broke, drunk, and happy. Banjo Joe says Bless Your Hearts and Livers was an enormous change for the band, one they see as the next big step.”