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“The Secret Base On Mars [Work In Progress]”

"Global CE-5 ET Contact" Oct. 10, 2015

“Peace and Light – Breathe the free air of Earth”

“The sum of Thomas Kortholm’s testimony adds up to define a scandal within the Politics of Disclosure. Leveraging only good will and strategic marketing tools available through online music and advertising distribution networks, the contactee videographer led a zero-budget activist campaign that (according to evident independent third-party documentation) put UFO Disclosure on the front pages of websites such as VH-1, MTV, IMDb, Billboard, Spin, Vibe and more. Documentation from independent third-party audits demonstrates the existence of advertising records which can be subpoenaed from ReverbNation’s servers to be examined for veracity by any court of law.”

““As I understand it, Tom Clearwater, who’s a Vancouver lawyer and philanthropist, who we have actually interviewed (because he’s a very forward-looking mind and innovator), has now issued a statement in which he goes into denial around the irregularities that have come up around the Citizen Hearings Petition, which were the result of a whistleblower coming forth from the Citizen Hearing and approaching NewsInsideOut as a news outlet.”

“Diggin' "DisclosureGate". Great track. Best wishes, Egon Erger”

“Watch This Exposed!”



“#Artists for #Disclosure founder and Project Coordinator Thomas Kortholm blows the whistle on UFO Disclosure with explosive documents.”

"DisclosureGate - The Musical" is an ongoing music/awareness project created by Thomas F. Kortholm & TFK Global Management/Promotion. The plot is the fraudulent behavior of Stephen Bassett & Paradigm Research Group, and their struggle against reality.

“#Artists for #Disclosure founder cites deep spirituality in UFO contact”

“The fans have been demanding this for at least 5 minutes, so of course we had to plan a Kickstarter Campaign for "Disclosure Gate - The Musical", we must do things like that fast.”

“As far as I’m concerned … Hillary Clinton is not going to become the president of the United States without going through the extraterrestrial issue," Bassett told Roll Call. "Period.”

“Stephen Bassett, executive director of Paradigm Research Group and founder of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC), has devoted the past 18 years to overcoming the “truth embargo” about government involvement in alien affairs. He’s now ready for Congress to officially weigh in.”