“absolutely well crafted with implicit guitar riffs, harsh vocals and a global hypnotic feeling”

“‘Into The Arms of Chaos’ is a successful comeback for WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW”

“romantic lyrics that make your mind drift of into artworks from the great artist Caspar David Friedrich and others suchs as Turner and Blake.”

“no question this is how Gothic Rock should sound like these days”

Legacy Magazine

“Into The Arms Of Chaos� is the the kind of album that will directly please to the heaviest lovers of guitar-wave music.”


"into the arms of chaos" is with no doubt there best album ever

Thomas Tyssen (Gothic Magazine)

“Whispers In The Shadow have released one of the most interesting albums of the year.”

“Highly recommended for those who like their music to take them through a dark and dismal journey, yet which at journey's end leaves the listener feeling curiously uplifted.”

“they don’t make the mistake to play the same chords on and on but incorporating a new element here and one or the other tempo shift here as well as varying the riff melodies.”