The Whisky Rebellion / Press

“Time to see who is a real metal fan in Pittsburgh.... You want real metal homegrown out of Pittsburgh? Then I suggest you start showing some love to The Whisky Rebellion ”

“Now that The Whisky Rebellion has isolated a complete and permanent lineup, the Pittsburgh hard rock scene has its new heavy hitter!”

“Pittsburgh needs to be ready, because there has not been a young, talented, and ferocious rock band like "The Whisky Rebellion" to hit the declining rock scene in Pittsburgh for ages.”

Joshua Lacrone - Fret(A)ware Radio

“Hard rock/metal heads will respectthis PA-based outt, who bringMetallica and Alice in Chains in-uences to bear on original tunes.Heavy weapons-grade riffage propels"Seal Your Fate," a smoldering mid-tempo song spearheaded by Burns'articulate growl. "Rise Above" hasa menacing demeanor and seemsto include a brief homage to EdgarWinter's "Frankenstein." Meanwhile,"The Sweetest Thing" actually swings,though the mix level on the drums is jarring. A promising band in Pittsburgh's mainstream rock scene."”

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