Whiskey Shivers / Press

“The band’s ultra country singing and bango playing is actually really good; however the music video, in lack for better words, freaks me out!”

“Whiskey Shivers would've been an ideal replacement for Old Crow Medicine Show at the 2011 Austin City Limits Music Festival”

“You may have never heard of Whiskey Shivers, but as of today, you're never going to hear the end of them.”

“This is what you could refer to as hardcore roots – traditional country with a bit of Appalachian mountain music executed on punk rock jet fuel.”

“This is crazy-assed Redneck music with a twisted music video that turns dark as the deepest night right at the end...”

“Whiskey Shivers gives a great music performance (with an oddly hypnotizing video)”

"Stop that obnoxious singing."

Austin Police Department

“Awwwwyeaaahhhhahahaa!!” If you could package Whiskey Shivers into one common sound, that’d be it.”

“...bopping, hillbilly songs about the Mario Brothers? Who are these guys?!”