The Whiskey River Kings / Press

“This group of gentlemen showed up to meet me and my photographer at (ironically enough) the scene of their very first show just a couple of short years ago. Dressed in bow ties, vests, blazers and fedoras, these guys are as friendly as they are talented and fashionable. Hailing from Huntsville, they are still glowing about recently being voted best rock band, best overall band AND second place as best blues band in Valley Planet's Best of the Valley Readers' Poll. If that weren't enough, their lead vocalist, Frankie Gardner, also placed second in the best male vocalist category. All this before the ink was dry on their contract with Dirrty Apple Records!”

"It's hard not to get caught up in the excitement. Their three part harmonies and the amazing blues riffs put out by their seven-foot lead guitar player enhances their thought provoking lyrics about the modern working man's struggle to survive in today's fast paced world.... Being new to the scene it's easy to overlook the Kings. But that's truly what they are: kings among men... as long as there is an instrument in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other... I highly recommend checking out this band in the very near future. The Whiskey River Kings are fun, energetic, down to earth, and readily available for your viewing pleasure almost every weekend."

“A blend of bluegrass, American, and Irish folk, their music was captivating.”

Amanda Conger - The Dining Dragon