Whiskey Project / Press

“It's a hot, muggy day as I round the corner to the first interview I've had at a musician's apartment. I'm used to hotel lobbies, studios, rehearsal spots, the occasional bar or 'safe' public location, but I've never been invited to someone's actual place of residence. I don't know what to expect. This isn't a street lined with large houses, it's a typical Boston area neighborhood where it looks as though just as many college kids live as families do. I'm met on the porch by the huge smile of the front man for Whiskey Project. There is no vast collection of guitars or equipment or pictures with other musicians. Damian David is a welcoming down-to-earth father of one, and I know this because he introduces me to what appears to be a newborn, that he calls J.D.. J.D. is sleeping in Damian's arms and the proud dad is beaming. I immediately realize that this man is not trying to impress me or to cut quickly to self-promotion efforts. If I didn't check myself, I'd fool myself into thinking”

“Whiskey Project Unveiling at The Down East Country Fest Well, the first Whiskey Project show is quickly approaching. Just over one week to go, before Whiskey Project takes the stage at The Down East Country Fest at the Fairgrounds in Whitneyville, ME. It's fitting to be an event to be remembered. Whiskey Project's first show will also mark the inaugural event of what the promoters hope to be a long run of annual festivals in down east Maine. Other acts performing at the festival include Hal Ketchum, Johnny Hiland, Michael Peterson, John Paul, The Stillwaters Band, and Travis James Humphrey. It's a great line-up of country music that seems to envelope all styles of the American flavor, including Whiskey Project's edgy, harder take on outlaw country.....”