Whiskey N' Rye / Press

“We recently discovered Whiskey N’ Rye who seems to be on the fast track to stardom.”

"This is honest American rock music with soul. The band is stellar and the songs are phenomenal...To be honest I'm almost surprised that this band is not receiving the press they deserve."

"With a sizeable fanbase already in place, this could well be the breakthrough album that sees Whiskey N' Rye go stratospheric."

“This is high-energy blues-based rock with intelligent and original lyrics.”

"This is one of the few new bands that 'gets' rock music...I need their new album in my collection. You do, too. One listen will tell you this album is going to be marked by music historians as a classic that the rock landscape has needed for a VERY long time!"

“Whiskey N’ Rye are here to bring a healthy dose of good ol’ American rock and roll.”

“...Seattle-based rock band Whiskey N’ Rye are yet another success story bursting to be told. They’re eponymous debut album is a soulful effort that is a pleasure to listen to and, like any proud product of the northwest, never forgets its roots...Rock on guys! You can officially count me as a passenger on the 6 a.m. Whiskey N’ Rye train.”

“Whiskey N’ Rye’s sophomore album titled Sick Soul Summertime is the perfect record for all your summer rock fest needs. These guys are young, but they know Rock & Roll...The whole album is an awesome blend of pure rock with just a dash of pop for good measure. Absolutely worth playing from start to finish.”

““Sick Soul Summertime” is a powerful addition to any real music lover’s library."”

"Emerging with an allure that has not been seen since the early ages of rock, Seattle band Whiskey N’ Rye has unleashed their self-titled album ‘Whiskey N’ Rye’. As one of the most powerful releases of 2014, the album is an inventive production that bridges the elements of classic rock styles with contemporary American insight and artistic brilliance"

"They have the potential to step over from an underground band to a mainstream group within the next few years, and have the songs to back it up.

"Whiskey N' Rye at times reminds one of the purest blues in the golden age, combined with a style of rock and roll reminiscent of bands like AC/DC and the Stones, all while retaining their own style."

“They’ve brought it back. Rock is alive once again, thanks to Whiskey N’ Rye.”

"Whiskey N' Rye inhabits the true spirit of rock and roll full force from beginning to end."

“Whiskey N' Rye's music sounds just like their band's name: edgy, feel-good, and goes down with a bang.”

“The vocals are rich, and the guitar riffs and drum beats are solid. All in all, ‘Sick Soul Summertime” is an album of incredible, down-home rock and roll.”

"You’ll have a hard time not tapping your feet as the album progresses through transitional stages of heavy blues explosion, and rock sensibility, without losing that pop sound at times.The sum of the parts work well, and if you were to take away one element, you would still have a strong alternative record, but when you tie in all the pieces, you get something outstanding, and that’s what makes this a must have...If you see their names on the marquee, you better get a ticket, because this will most likely translate well into a live performance."

"Sick Soul Summertime consists of 10 magical tracks that will keep you cool this summer while you sip your scotch on the front porch. This band is going places."

“There is no best way to describe the music of Whiskey N’ Rye as they have such a unique and fresh sound that fuses elements of country and rock with some blues and alternative, making it impossible to pin down in one confined musical sphere...I really don’t know if this album could be any better.”

“This 10 track album is filled with raw gutsy blues rock that will get you moving and grooving.”

“Whiskey N' Rye features outstanding songwriting, awe-inspiring musicianship and vocals. They manage to sound both high-flying and respectably unpretentious at the same time.”

"Whiskey N' Rye, the future of Americana and Rock."