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"Since forming six years ago, Whiskey Kill has made three albums. Its latest, Round Three, is a scorcher. Pedal-to-the-metal standouts include “Loaded Gun,” “She Loves This Car” and “The Motel That Time Forgot” – the latter a co-write with guitarist John Cortes inspired by a road trip to the Catskills where they encountered many long-in-the-tooth resorts. The hard-luck-story song “Herointown” and “God Bless All The Bars,” a tune so honky tonk all that’s missing is the Nudie suit, are among the other treats on Round Three, released last September. "

“Whiskey Kill’s new record, “Wrecker,” provides the soundtrack to a bar fight at a dive off Route 66. The band draws heavily from rockabilly, country and blues. Their lyrics glorify blue jeans, tattoos, white T-shirts, pin-up girls and racing cars. And, of course, drinking. But the album is more than that. At its core, it’s ten songs—anthems, really— about the blue-collar working class life. Songs like “Whiskey and Cigarettes" find Tom Ferry (vocals, guitar) waiting for the clock to strike five so he and the boys can head out into the night to find a way to blow off the steam of the work week. Ferry’s rumbling growl and classic guitar work is made whole by John Cortes (guitar, vocals), Jose Solorzano (upright bass) and Mike Demers (drums). Stand-out tracks like “L.A. Girls and “Charlie Hustle” show Whiskey Kill, who’ve opened for rockabilly demigod the Reverend Horton Heat, perfecting a sound within a genre that can come across as kitsch”

“Whiskey Kill — "Pissed Off Betty" We'll end this list with the disc that got it started. The first local record I had the pleasure of blasting through the speakers in 2012. The dirty country band that can...; Whiskey Kill's debut is a scorcher. A massive alt-country / rockabilly success. The beautiful thing about the Seacoast music scene is the wide and varied assortment of genre. Whiskey Kill are heading up their corner of the spectrum, belting out loud, bruising, and moving anthems that have earned them some big high-profile slots on national bills. "Pissed Off Betty," is a great success. ”

" I'll be a thorn in your side / I'll be a better man for you," calls frontman Tom Ferry on "Better Man," with his flawless whiskey soaked croon. The tunes he writes along with Elissa Williamson Scogland are catchy. They take on a life of their own. Tap your feet, nod your head, and grip the bottle tight, Whiskey Kill has crafted the means to move you right. Producer Jon Nolan has also placed a solid stamp on this project. The sound is flawless. It's not over-the-top and polished like many rockabilly efforts that are released these days. It sticks true to sound of yester-year, which is refreshing and lends to an exemplary listening experience. In short, Whiskey Kill's "Pissed Off Betty," is a grand success."

Chris Hislop - The Portsmouth Herald

"Sure, their two-word name references both booze and murder, and their songs regularly address topics like drinking and fighting, pistols and switchblades, prison and Hell, but it’s all in a spirit of fun. On their debut album, “Pissed Off Betty,” self-described “dirty country band” Whiskey Kill executes a vintage rockabilly sound that explores the roots of Americana."