Whiskey for the Lady / Press

“Bluegrass is a love or hate it thing for most people. It can be unpredictable and enthralling or it can be boring and monotonous. Luckily for Whiskey For The Lady, they tap into an intriguing mix of songs for their album “Too Many F Holes.” As “No Pants Party” and “Catch The Gout” suggest, they have a playful side and that will become even more apparent when you hear “Where’s the A?” Vocal comparisons to Yonder Mountain String Band and Primus are inevitable but never taint any song during the album. Coated with a heavy dose of violin (although calling it a fiddle may be more appropriate) and a loose, junkyard jam band style, the songs keep the record from falling into any ruts it can’t get out of.”

“There’s an energy between the six members of the bluegrass-punk group Whiskey for the Lady that challenges any other band in the area to try and match. “Too Many F Holes” captured that better than just about any other album this year. As the title suggests, the album also shows off the group’s humor. Songs like the plucky “Catch The Gout,” the joke-filled “Jimmy The Frog” and “No Pants Party” showcases a group wanting to have a good time as much as it wants to display its impeccable music chops. But it’s the more serious songs like the stomp-heavy “Gravedigger’s Wife,” “Where’s The A” and “Courteous Lies” that shine.”

“Throughout "Too Many F Holes,” Whiskey for the Lady draws you in with its kookiness and keeps you listening with its fantastic songcraft. This one’s a must-buy for any bluegrass fan.”

“Their bluegrass was refreshingly free of affectation, and the shouted backup vocals lent them further charm.”

“Whiskey for the Lady, a six-piece from Platte County, then picked up where Konza left off and lived up to their own billing: a foot-stomping metal-grass/newgrass band. Their originals are typically fast-moving locomotives, rife with grooves, melodies and harmonies, the kind that get a dance floor percolating.”

“Click to see a live performance at St. Joseph's "Music at the Mansion" event, 2013”

“Recorded over five days in November in Lawrence, Kan., with producer Mike West at the 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor, the album’s 12 songs are expected to mix the serious with the goofy. With Craven’s favorites on the album, “Don’t Lie to Me, Self,” an ode to the lies people tell themselves, and “Gravedigger’s Wife,” an idea that just came out of one of the members hanging out with a gravedigger, he’s excited to get the album out and the songs into people’s ears.”

“The singer has a fun, bouncy, charismatic nature when he comes in, and he truly adds to the song. The vocalist is humorous, and uses awesome gang-vocals in the chorus. The violin solo after the chorus is awesome! This song is cool. It is fun, gives me a folk vibe, but the song is laid back and makes me smile. I truly enjoy this song, and think the band is very talented to write such great instrumentals, and such fun and well-used vocals. 9/10!””

Crowd Review of "Courteous Lies"

““this is the ideal song. the music to this has a jovial touch to it, very whimsical and light. a nice blend of instrumentals that are fresh and genuine, a song that blends together in an attractive style. the vocal aspect of this song is very genuine, there voices are attractive, they have range and there singing substance is hearty and sound””

Crowd Review of "Courteous Lies"