Whiskey Dick Mountain / Press

“Whiskey Dick Mountain is one of those bands that you just have to hear to understand. WDM — Tim Lannigan, the band’s front man, organist “Reverend” Ryan Coleman, drummer and “Youth Pastor” Shawn Cox and guitarist Daniel Burns “For All Eternity” — play a blend of gospel, soul and punk sprinkled with ungodly screams and shrieks that sounds crazy on paper but wonderfully refreshing to your ears. (AP)”

“Whisky Dick Mountain brought on the heat and the dancing… hallelujah! From little tikes to the big kids everybody put their whole body in, and their whole body out, and their whole body in, and they shook it all about. Whiskey Dick kicked it up ten notches and were sweating on stage in their dress socks, slacks, collared shirts and ties. It was a blast and then some to rock out to their music as the band was working it on stage...”

“On nights when he addresses his flock, the uniform that “Father” Tim Lannigan wears is simple, and never deviates. Polyester pants (brown), a white short-sleeved shirt (made shorter-sleeved by a roll of the cuff) and a tie. If Lannigan were anywhere near a bike helmet, he would look the very model of a modern Mormon missionary. The only things in front of Lannigan at the moment, though, are a microphone and a pair of monitors. He stands, splay-legged, screaming and stomping and cooing in front of a convulsing throng of hipsters, gen-Xers, hippies and aging punks. Stage right, “Reverend” Ryan Coleman does much the same, but from behind an organ adorned with a print of “The Last Supper.” Sweaty, spastic, shaking as though in the orgiastic swell of holy release, the crowd arrayed at nYne feels more like the congregants of a sweaty, dustbowl tent revival...”