Whiskey and Stitches / Press

"Sacramento’s Whiskey and Stitches open this Friday night party and bring a wonderful concoction of nontraditional rock fare played with even more nontraditional instruments, such as the upright bass, accordion, banjo and mandolin."

"The sounds of old-timey whiskey bars fused with Irish folk-punk laments and four-on-the-floor rock beats make Whiskey & Stitches’ music perfect for slapping the knee whilst hoisting a mug."

"If you have a hankering for an Irish-American pub sound, Whiskey and Stitches will scratch that itch."

"It is this combination that truly sets it apart from most folk and punk music."

“...the band takes all the competing elements of punk, shoegaze and bluegrass and mashes it together into what sounds predominantly like an Irish-inspired punk band...”

"We don't just play Irish music..."

“We're surprised we won the SAMMIES..."”

“Whiskey and Stitches is a Non-Traditional Irish-Influenced Band”

“Guide to Booking Bands for Saint Patrick's Day in Sacramento”

“Irish music isn't just for St. Patrick's Day”

“Sacramento Irish-Rock Bands Bring Tradition to a New Generation”