Whirl / Press

"Ambrosial voice... incredible range and innovative styles... the lyrics are intelligent and the songs are well-crafted in a familiar way with the right touch of uniqueness."

Mark E. Waterbury - Music Morsels

"An incredible voice, mixed with magnific sound... Whirl are on the way up and I feel blessed just to have been here to listen at the start... such drive in the music... words that rip... just GREAT MUSIC all the way around!!"

DJ WILD - WildSideRadio.com

"This band is so damn good... I can't stress enough the power and polished skill of this band and the top-rate vocals of singer Nikki... the lyrical crafting is intelligent... the songs are played faultlessly... the music is of commercial quality without a hint of copping out on originality."

Beverly Durfee - The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, CO

"The record seems destined for a date with AOR radio stations across the country with its crunchy, singer songwriter goes big time tunes... no song paints a clearer picture of that then their soaring ballad, So New; Its glass shattering vocals and tender lyrics should propel it to the next level."

Paul Zimmerman - First Coast News, Jacksonville, FL

"Blazing through... it's her passionate voice that sustains the energy and keeps you listening... she offers a vocal inflection like some of the best Middle Eastern singers... add to that some hooky arrangements, and you've got something far from Crow."

Jamie Anderson - Indie-Music.com

"There is no doubting the vocal talent of singer-songwriter and guitarist Nikki"

Vicky U Lee - The Deli Magazine, NYC

"I have to give respect to the music of Whirl. It's well-written, lyrically and melodically, not to mention very hooky!"

Tim Louie - East Coast Rocker

"A stirring performance... an energy that is hard to match... with intelligent lyrics and songs with big hooks, Whirl are setting a great pace."

Wes Soriano - The Aquarian

"Nikki is a true born songwriter/composer!"

Colin Lynch - BeSonic.com

"One of the best unsigned artists to come along in a long time, she is the whole package - singer, songwriter, guitarist and arranger; she does it all exceptionally well."

Tom Yanno - MusiciansRealm.com

"Sexy, sassy and luscious... combined with the many different eras and her middle eastern heritage, Nikki is an extremely rare gem in today's pop rock!"

Alex Abercrombie - Funky Rock News