“It can be a daunting task though because there is a lot of material to sort through. A lot of dare I say, bands or artists that have no business putting their music out in front of the world just yet. Simply put, maybe they just aren’t ready or maybe never will be but at the same time this daunting task also leads to some absolute diamonds in the rough. This cycle’s winner provided just that sort feeling when I first heard her music. I’d already had several potential winners in mind as I’d narrowed the field of over 1700 down to around 65 or so. One listen though, and her soulful and sultry voice proved to be too much for the rest of the field. Her name is Whim Grace and she has a fascinating story as we found out during the interview.”

“Her music deserves its own playlist. It's meditative, innovative, soulful, and cleansing. A breath of fresh air. Whim Grace EMBODIES her music, and you'll feel her presence in every note and strum of the guitar. And since she does everything from songwriting, to piano, to self-managing, it's not surprising that Whim's songs exude her presence so strongly.”

“This woman is a star. Maybe nobody outside of this little bar knows it, yet, but it is nevertheless a universal truth... Though she happens to be beautiful, and yes, sexy too, her music speaks on its own. It delivers passion and love and sensuality without ever requiring the listener to see her face. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. That’s pure. That’s art.”

“Grace was named on Monday morning the first runner-up at that international, online-only YOBISing Song Contest,”