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"So, how do you manage to book tours and land gigs on the big stages as a one-man band? Well, folk artist Whetherman – the stage name of guitarist, producer, and vocalist Nicholas Williams – has certainly figured out what it takes to get his music out there on his own. He not only entertains large crowds solo at 180 shows per year, but he's the one responsible for controlling his creative vision. Below, Williams shares his tips for filling the stage as a solo artist and how he's been so successful in self-managing his music career."

““A must have for any fans of folk singer-songwriters... 5 out of 5 stars””

““Williams sings and plays with unaffected earnestness that translates effortlessly from stage to the audience. The time that went into every song is apparent and the finished product is a treat to live music goers.””

“(On new album 'Seeds for Harvest' and in-studio performance/interview) "Completely beautiful... an absolute delight to the ears"”

Thordis Friedrikkson - BBC Radio

“Nicholas Williams lacks a life of rock-star excess. “I haven’t bought a pair of clothes in I can’t even tell you how long,” said the 29-year-old Florida singer-guitarist, who in concert is known as Whetherman. “I have a Honda Element I can sleep in; I know people everywhere I go. I’m not even worried about money.””

“Nicholas Williams owes his stage name to Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth, a 1961 children's book about a young boy who journeys to a magical land. In the story, the main character Milo, the beneficiary of a world-hopping tollbooth, meets a cast of curious characters. For the Jacksonville, Fla. folky, the most interesting character was the Whether Man. He only has a few lines in the book, but the Whether Man teaches Milo that "whether or not you find your way, you're bound to find some way." This line stuck with Williams. "I found the message profound enough to try and encapsulate that into the name of the project" he explains. "My aim is to help change or give perspective and relay positivity to whomever I can"”

“The quiet roll of the harmonica and fiddle here have caught my attention and slayed me. In the early morning weekend hours, I listened to this album on repeat and thought about how it might be that those two instruments might never have been used so perfectly as background accompaniment in a jam, specifically “Finder’s Keepers”, before. They do not own this song — they are not loud or overpowering — but like a chorus of mere voices in the background. I can’t be the only one that thinks this fiddle and this harmonica is telling a story as great as these lyrics…”

““Whetherman is creating sunny, soulful folk music that is irresistible. Being completely independent since 2009, Whetherman has taken to producing, booking, managing and promoting his albums on his own dime. Wind in the Trees is his latest release, and what a gem it is. Acoustic guitars, harmonica, tambourines all combine to create this sound that will lift your spirits and feed your soul. At times crooner, other times folk singer, Whetherman’s voice is just as unique as it is reminiscent of other great vocalists that have come before him.””

“I smiled as I thought of Nicholas Williams, the brainchild of Whetherman, recording Streams and Pastures in a steel bathtub filled with warm water during a Virginia sunset. When I found out the bulk of the album was recorded in Florida, with the mastering being done in sunny Southern California, the only two words running through my head were "nuh" and "uh." Well, reality is harsh, but Whetherman's music isn't. Headed by twenty-something Williams, Streams and Pastures represents a milestone in the Whetherman pathway, as it's the first time Williams enlists a full backing band to help shape his ideas. Now, when single artists decide their creativity cannot be contained within themselves and reach out, there is rarely any middle ground: the results are either a step forward or a step back off into a ravine. Williams, thanks to his song-writing abilities, definitely takes a step forward. The songs are tightly composed...”

“The new release from North Florida native, Nicholas Williams (aka “Whetherman”) has arrived to the excitement of ‘Whether-Heads’ everywhere. The leisurely titled, “Streams & Pastures” is a revelation of dynamic acoustic performance and thoughtful modern production, which features some of North Florida’s finest musicians. The disc is aptly titled, through its mood and tone, if nothing else. The songs meander from one to the next, and the listener is swept through scenic settings at a comfortable, lazy pace. This record doesn’t merely suggest stopping to smell the roses, it insists upon it.”

“On Magfest 2011: "Friday, the first full day of music, could not have started off on a better note. Whetherman filled the air of the amphitheatre with fun & pure harmonies blanketing Nicholas Williams’ lyrics from the heart. His band, composed of local Jacksonville musicians, is top notch. Each member serves their purpose to the song and nothing more. Whetherman’s music is refreshing in that the songs are created to capture something; not to sound like something. "”

“Whetherman opening for the Wood Brothers: "Early in the evening, local folk phenomenon Whetherman warmed up the December stage with his patented tales of positivity and Midwestern melodic prose. Ably assisted by local songstress Rachel Murray, Whetherman continued his ascent through the consciousness of North Florida's acoustic music community."”

"From the opening chords of Bull, there is one thing that is more likely than all others to grab the listener's attention, and that is the palpable vocal soul with which Williams delivers his tales. Much like Joss Stone or John Mayer, Williams has the type of voice that belies his age, race, and a host of other superficial factors. What we are left with, then, is an emotive exhibition across the record that never relents. From the longing melancholy of "Moon" to the heart-wrenching "Storm In Seattle," Williams' breathy croons leave the speakers with an abundance of emotion and conviction - the sort that renders his tracks instant classics finished with a true sense of timelessness. Likewise, tracks like "The Dove and the Doctor" prove an ability to accelerate the pulse of the songs, while still maintaining the lovelorn mood so artfully established prior."

"Since June of 2007, Williams has released four full length albums: “Bull” (2007), “The Great Lull” (2008), “Nooks and Crannies” (2010) and most recently, “Wind in the Trees” (2011). The first two works were under a distribution deal backed by Adorable Records, an independent label based outside of Detroit, MI, which Williams remained signed with until 2009. Williams then chose to be independent, booking all festivals, tour dates, merchandising, managing artwork and continuing to record every album on his own dollar and time."