When Words Attack / Press

"Every member in When Words Attack is a master of their craft and is sure to blow your mind with their professionalism...Arranged and produced magnificently, When Words Attack give us a full album [10 songs] of great music that is meant to be listened to as a whole. From the opening tune, titled Confession, which wastes no time in setting a powerful pace - to the heavy rhythm of Reminiscing - to the bold music and message of Liquid Sunshine - to the empowering closing track titled Crawl...When Words Attack are a breath of fresh air...with their dedication and passion to the music they create"

““Striking a daring balance between brainy musicianship and seductive melodies, the new self-titled release from When Words Attack blends bewitching vocals with stormy goth-metal thunder that evokes the echoes of Evanescence, the chill of Cold and the twitchy sci-fi of Tool and Voivod.”—Metal Dave Glessner”

"When Words Attack...bring(s)...groove-heavy riffs and unique musical style to the forefront...the experience and professionalism that this band exudes on stage really makes a difference and their fans notice that."

Matt Mirabella - The Music Life

““The music of When Words Attack is edgy and bittersweet...Cindy’s voice is clean and melodic on the slower numbers, but she can effortlessly summon vocal strength powerful enough to neatly slice through Phil’s pounding...rhythms and weave amongst...masterful guitar licks.””

"When Words Attack (has) a heavy sound that fuses alternative and metal. (Their) work ethic is intact."

Jim Beal Jr. - The San Antonio Express Newspaper