Wheels / Press

“The new millennium brought with it the return of the banjo among budding indie-folk bands like this [five] piece from Yellow Springs, Ohio. With rock & roll rhythms that hang in the air sliced by guitar solos and banjo twang, they're a quintessential roots revival band that play by their own rules. It's bluegrass. It's pop. It's ambient, dreamy hipster, folk rock. And it's good.”

“After selling 1,000 copies of their 2011 debut album “Fields on Fire” and often playing two to three shows per weekend, Wheels has slowed down in recent months and returned to the studio to work on its second full-length album, “Big Feeling.” Band members used Kickstarter to raise the $6,000 for the album, and have cloistered themselves in the physical plant office on the Antioch campus over the last few months to self-produce the record. The result finds the band evolving, Salazar said. “It’s more complex, more emotional, more creative.””

“Wheels (Yellow Springs, OH) have been tearing up the summer festival scene and it seems that everyone is taking notice. Even Donna Jean Godchaux of Grateful Dead fame came out to see the band perform... The guys sounded better than ever as they played tunes from their debut CD Fields of Fire.”

“They have a sound that is similar to the leaders of today’s folk revival, namely Mumford and Sons, Dr. Dog and the Avett Brothers, with vocal harmonies reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel, and instrumentation similar to American Beauty-era Grateful Dead; something to please every music lover’s sensibility.”

“When I first arrived at Canal Street Tavern Sunday, May 27, I could barely believe my eyes. We were there to see the group Wheels for the second time in less than a week so I was expecting a decent crowd. But the last time I saw a crowd like this at Canal Street was at the last Werksgiving a year or two ago... Perhaps their youth is the first thing you notice about the band, but that quickly goes away the moment the boys pick up their instruments. These guys take the stage with the confidence you rarely see from young artist... The guys from Wheels have a bright future ahead of them and it was an honor to be a part of this great night.”

“Listening to local band Wheels - the poetry of their lyrics, the crispiness of their music and sweetness of their harmonies - the listener may not believe that this group of teenagers have played their instruments for just a few years. Now the quintessential homegrown four-piece band, delivering jaunty folk music with bluegrass roots, but with pop harmonies (think Bill Monroe meets the Beatles) has a full length album to its name and a growing reputation - all in a little over a year.”

“If Brian Wilson had started the Beach Boys in 1930′s Kentucky, they would have sounded like Wheels. The Yellow Springs folk prodigies possess a maturity and depth far beyond their years. They sing songs of love lost and nostalgic ballads for sweet home Ohio. Hearing them, you’d think they’d been playing bluegrass their whole lives.”