We The Sea Lions / Press

“Fort Worth quintet We the Sea Lions impresses mightily with its debut. Joshua Badillo, Brian McKittrick, Jonathan Badillo, Trevor Maher and Ben Rodriguez manage to mix crushing guitars, soaring vocals and a heavy rock sensibility with shoegaze atmospherics. Aided by Grammy-winning producer/engineer Stuart Sikes, We the Sea Lions -- self-described "indie do-it-yourselfers" -- and, by extension, Consequence in Sequence, toggle between toughness and tenderness. Tracks like Wasting Time feel epic and pummeling, while the shimmering Wild River could almost pass for a New Order outtake. A terrific record, and a band to keep close tabs on.”

“Wild River” by We The Sea Lions: With a gorgeous, heart-wrenching chorus and steely hook sung by frontman Jon Badillo in his sumptuous, yawning baritone, this song off the band’s auspicious self-titled debut rattles and hums, a delirious blend of early R.E.M. and U2. Amazing and electrifying.”

"The band has just released a stellar debut album... Produced by Dallas’ Stuart Sikes (The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Cat Power), "Consequence in Sequence" is simple yet complex, sturdy yet brittle. The songs unwind in logical fashion and catchy, crunchy riffs abound, with the occasional country-tinged passage. The melodies, though, are subtle and intricate, emphasizing Badillo’s deeply personal lyrics..."

"With evocative tunes that cascade in sonic layers, the record ("Consequence in Sequence") is full of epic tunes with entrancing gravity. There's a sense of post-rock musicality crossed with nascent ois-punk intensity, the fragments swirling off into luxuriant radiance."

“These guys have a pretty wet but hard-edged vibe to them. The guitars were effective, providing structure and kind of a sea-wall of sound. If you're looking for flashy, cheesy guitar solos, this isn't that band, but if you want to hear some genuine songwriting skills you won't be disappointed.”

“...it was probably the most hotly contested New Artist (award) race ever, with nine nominees. Sparkling indie-rockers We the Sea Lions came out on top.”

“...We the Sea Lions, a band whose music we refer to, advisedly, as indie-pop brilliance.”

“They’re described as an indie rock band spiced with some hard rock essence, good ole country heart and a pop sensibility, all adequately displayed on their 2011 debut EP For Now.”