Wes Weddell / Press

“Terrific and deep. I learned so much from Wes and had a wonderful experience.”

Adult Student (2017)

“The pace and atmosphere was great. I loved the variety of tools/tricks. Can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Mandolin Class Student (2017)

“The audience was clearly responsive to his songs, big applause.”

Concert Presenter (2017)

“It was SUCH a pleasure to watch you at work and at play and at music. Your playful joy and generosity were just a delight! Thank you.”

Audience Member (2017)

“Always provide[s] a thoughtful reading...songs always heartfelt and well-constructed.”

"Wes improved my musicianship by showing me the emotional changes through musical changes. Wes improved my life by teaching me interaction and social skills through my song."

Middle School Student (2016)

“The songs speak for themselves. An Americana listening experience that complements Weddell’s lyricism and songwriting skill, spinning new threads in the musical story of our lives.”

"Modern-Day Woody Guthrie."

"Folk meets rockabilly meets lonesome Cowboy waltzes."

"Let there be no doubt: Wes Weddell is a major Northwest artist, a major talent in American music, and he's here for the long haul."

“Wes Weddell is a master craftsman as a songwriter... Weddell will make you laugh and make you cry; inspire anger and thoughtfulness. He’ll entertain and educate you with his songs if only you will listen. Like the great bards of olden times, an encounter with Wes Weddell will leave you a little richer in mind and spirit than when you started.”

“A dedicated and talented performer and teacher [and] a tireless and unselfish supporter of the Seattle Folk and Acoustic Music Scene.”

“Wes Weddell has a gift for storytelling, wisdom beyond his years, and a troubadour spirit that will serve him and his audience for a long time to come.”

“Wes Weddell writes intelligent, thoughtful songs that feature a strong narrative element and there will always be room for his ilk in the Americana world.”

"Thank you for all of the miles, interfacing with strangers, expensive gas, and probably a hurried schedule to bring us such lovely live music... May your future audiences give back to you in appreciation as much as you so generously give to them."

WW Concertgoer (2007)

“Keep on with your part, and I'll keep on with mine...”

Bob Weiser - WOMR-FM

"A refreshing throwback in these days of synthesized, digitalized, commercialized performers and performances."

“Wes Weddell is old enough now that he can be writing like that...[though] he was writing like that 15 years ago!”

"He was equally adept on the harmonica as on the guitar, and the narrative tales of his songs rival many written pieces because his storytelling is so vivid and detailed. He is definitely a singer-songwriter whose career and music I plan on keeping an eye and ear upon."

WW Concertgoer (2007)

"Equipped...with [an] historian's skills to match his musical talent"

"People are still talking about how privileged they were to hear you sing your stories. Thank you...for sharing so unselfishly."

WW Concertgoer (2008)

"Good music, good time! Thank You!!"

WW Concertgoer (2007)

"Thank you for the wonderful instruction. You inspired him...from the start."

Parents of Student (2013)