West Without / Press

“Lyrically pleasing with a sweet electronic atmosphere, falsetto harmonizing with the fervid lead vocals all spread gently on the dance-able lower end.”

"...You will detect a hint of the swamp in slow, almost waltzy riffs coated with layered, emotive harmonies and careful syncopations. It’s refreshing." "...I am confident that this is only the beginning for them, and that we’ll all be better off with some West Without in our earbuds."

“This is the stuff good alternative is made of. If you have a few minutes, give West Without a listen. You won’t come out at the end of the album feeling the way you did when you started, and that’s a guarantee.”

"This is modern rock polished and packed with a hell of a punch. West Without uses multiple singers to wonderfully spin hauntingly beautiful melodies."

“Harmonized vocals blend with weighty bass and loose cannon guitar to create enthralling tunes that capture your full attention and do not let go.”