West of Hell / Press

“West of Hell say no to all the posers that have spreading filth and low quality offerings throughout the worldwide Metal scene. “Spiral Empire” is where the fist of Thrash meets the quality melodic features and the emotional truthfulness of Heavy Metal. This release truly warmed my heart; I banged my head with craze but also enjoyed a great lyrical line and was impressed by the eminence skills of the entire lineup. West of Hell is probably the answer to south of heaven, however whether it is or not, I will be waiting for the next outcome. ”

“Spiral Empire is a damn fun throwback to a better time in metal and West of Hell is a damn fun band. Their energy is infectious, their riffs are daring and “The Heathen” is every bit the old school warlock he needs to be to lead this fiery unit into the abyss and back again. ”

“There are some really great moments on this that make you go “No fucking way!” with very little dips in the overall standing of the record. I think this record might even contend for a potential spot in my top 20 for 2012. We’ll just have to wait and see what everyone else has to say. ”

“The highlight of the night for many, West of Hell.As main support, they sounded tighter then ever, with an intense performance that included The Heathen taking a grinder to a modified mic stand. West of Hell most definitely stole the show and prepared the crowd for Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel.”