WES SP8 / Press

“There are a great many blues-rock bands in Seattle these days, but the one led by songwriter Wes Speight (often stylized "Sp8") is notable for its particularly gritty and gutty take on the genre”

Seattle Weekly

“The common feature of Speight's languid, arty alt-rock songs is darkness; he often sounds like a male version of Chan Marshall. Despite its title, the singer/songwriter's latest is ambitious enough to be more interesting than much of what Seattle has to offer”

Seattle Weekly

“This one man band had some help from his friends and these 13 songs are among the catchiest I have heard this year. No genre can hold Mr. Speight down as he jumps from one to the other from track to track, or even within a single song. "True Blues" is my 2nd favorite song this year. Wes you definitely "put the tools to use." ”

“Wes Sp8 is a indie folk rocker from Nashville, TN. It's not easy making a living with spooky, sometimes even Gothic imagery in the country music capital of the world. The five tracks on his Please EP are a showcase for his songwriting skills”

Here Comes the Flood

“ Taking his voice and his six strings to the dirt roads you are in for a bumpy ride. He has "underground" written all over him, but - that's rare - he has a sense of humour too, sticking an off beat spoken word piece about an alien learning Spanish and English at the end of Time To Set Sail. ”