Wess Hardin / Press

“•These guys are really cool. I’ve spent a lot of time chasing bands and normally I see small local groups on the street and I just keep walking. I can’t exactly determine what drew me in, the vocals or the excellent quality of the tunes, but something made me stop. Plus it didn’t hurt that these guys are cute. I ended up leaving and coming back because I really just wanted to hear the rest of what they had to offer. Really glad I did because they dedicated a song to meeee! Which ironically ended up being my favorite one they played tonight. Turns out they’re really sweet dudes which is incredibly rare for dudes in bands. And then there were children dancing to their set and it was just really adorable and I had a really great time watching them play and chatting with them. They’re coming back to play in SLO for New Year’s but they’re playing at The Frog and Peach and its a bar so I won’t be able to get in, wah. ”