Werewolf Therewolf / Press

“Next up was a local band from Denton. Turned onto them by my good friend Christian, Werewolf Therewolf won a Guitar Center contest to play this one stop of the tour. A progressive metal sound that has drawn comparsions to Coheed and Cambria, Mars Volta and At The Drive In, this unsigned act has yet to tap into their full potential. They are a must see live and most definitely an up and coming band to keep your eyes and ears open for. It will be a lucky record label that ends up signing them.”

“Denton's progressive metal outfit Werewolf Therewolf has a slightly stupid name, but there's nothing dumb about the band's complex and weighty roar. If it weren't for the volume and intensity of songs such as "The Ballad of Freddy Mercury" and "Home is the Hunter," this stuff could almost be called jazzy. Werewolf Therewolf are currently in the studio working in a new lead vocalist. I hope the guy knows what he's getting into.”

“Tight musicianship and songwriting make the group plum for a label.”

“Sounds like: So-Cal alternative metal — driving chords divided by reflective passes — with vocals that are most interesting when they don’t slip into the cliche boards already well-sanded by the likes of Gwar.”

“Werewolf Therewolf bills itself as a Dallas-Fort Worth band, but the quintet is a Denton metal outfit that lays typical vomit-voice vocals over surprisingly crisp, tight guitar and drum flak. Werewolf Therewolf plays the Boiler Room today. Even with the metal affectations, though, the vocals are confident and tuneful, which is harder to achieve than it sounds.”

“Tight musicianship and songwriting make the group plum for a label.”

“Loud and relatively complex, the songs of Werewolf Therewolf feature a nice, tongue-in-cheek dose of humor and humility. Also some emo-tinged vocals. But it's pretty impressive nonetheless.”

“Also playing is the fantastically named Werewolf Therewolf, essentially making their debut at The Boiler Room”

“HAHA, what a great name! Sorry I just can't help myself.”