"As far as the lyrics go, they give Dystopia a run for their money for depressing content, though they're consistently buoyed by the raging musical accompaniment. Four songs on this sucker, aptly displaying the band's ability to meld a shit-ton ("shitton" didn't look quite right) of disparate styles (scandinavian-styled crust, thrash, good ole punk rawk) into a unique, cohesive and brutal as hell EP, along with a free sticker. For those about to rock, We Must Dismantle All This! salutes you!"

“First off, it looks as if there are only 100 of these recorded, so track one down immediately! It’s like German thrash covered in a filthy blanket of melodic Swedish crust with vocals that border on black metal. If you made the same mistake I did and read the lyrics first, you would think you were about to be submerged in depressing sludgecore. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Though each song is full of hopelessness and despair, giving a voice to animals, recognizing the fact that we are laying our planet to waste and numbing one’s self with intoxicants so as not to feel the pain of knowing the truths of the world, there’s no tuned down sludge to be found here. WMDAT are a blitzfest of ferocity and layered melody that doesn’t let up for a second leaving the listener in awe with dizzying intensity with some of the best vocals I’ve heard in a long time.”