The Lower Class / Press

“The San Marcos trio are one of the Lone Star State’s most promising emerging acts.”

“The Lower Class [are] more than just another group of musicians, they push musical boundaries.”

“Tracks like this is what made me fall in love with hip-hop in the first place.”

“...[The Lower Class] are soulful and had a genuine sound I just couldn’t ignore.”

“These southern dudes have some of the best beats that I’ve heard from an up and coming act.”

“This is something different, but I’m not mad at it at all.”

“imaGenius' dusty vinyl, sample driven beats are the perfect backdrop for he, Kartune, and Pliny Science to lay down some of the best verses I've heard all year.”

“They almost go back to the early 90s days of NYC rap that is easily my favorite time period of hip-hop.”

“Lyrically conscious, but fully aware of their ability to have fun while being lyrical educators. I commend them for that.”

“This shit is laidback! “Skills Up””

“Their beats are layered and chock full of funky basslines and synth. Their vocals are somewhere between a young Lupe Fiasco and ATCQ’s”