Well-Dressed Thieves / Press

“Austin’s Well Dressed Thieves are the kind of authentic and pure sounding bands we here at the Texas Rock Blog love to discover. Led by the riff driven sounds of guitarist Troy Dry and accentuated by bassist Greg Baldwin and drummer Seth Massie, Well Dressed Thieves combines the classic sounds of bands like The Clash and Nirvana and mixes it in with their own brand of raw, energetic and well played distorted sound. ”

“”The Well-Dressed Thieves took the stage, and they were indeed well dressed! All clad in black, they opened with “A Blues Thing,” a song with a catchy emphasized downbeat. Guitarist Troy Dry’s strumming was clean during the verses, but he brought on the distortion later in the song in a bluesy riff. Bassist Greg Baldwin took over vocals for the second song, the fast paced “Corina, Cocaine. The Thieves' fuzzy vocal style over their defined instrumentation gives them a trademark sound. They’re rock with elements of trash, blues and punk. They play with distortion and feedback, and have clear punk influence in some guitar patterns and drums." ”