Wellborn Road / Press

“This is a hard edged, rocking collection of songs which took you back into the simpler times when all you needed was a beer in your hand and metal concert for the weekend.”

“When the first spin was over, the album demanded for another go...Wellborn Road’s ‘Pain Hate Redemption’ has a southern feel to it and it took me back into the simpler times when all I needed was a beer in my hand and Cowboys From Hell in my record player. With a pure and nostalgic heart I can recommend this album to everybody who’s into metal.”

“Southern Metal at its Absolute Best! Read the title, I can't put it any other way. After New Found Life's chilling intro, almost every second of every song on this album hits you right in the face. The two ballads even do a little something for me, surprisingly. If you consider yourself an Alice In Chains, BLS, or Pantera fan, do yourself a favor and pick this album up because these guys are a unique blend of 3 of my favorites of all time and while extremely original, I can't help but feel a little nostalgia crawl through me throughout this record.”

"...Wellborn Road are the rock pride of BCS..."

"Wellborn Road got up on stage and practically melted my face off with their blinding style of lyrics and metal music."

"When it comes to power-packed chords and music, this band is 'balls to the wall.'"

“Texas Metal Music, Beer, Barbecue and Guns...that pretty much sums up the local Southern Metal band Wellborn Road. They play 100% Texas Metal Music that‘s influenced by strong Pantera/Alice in Chains/Black Label Society styled guitar riffs and powerfully clear vocal sounds with their own pinch of heavy Texas BADASS thrown in.”

“Wellborn Road took the stage next, and immediately brought their southern Metal wall of sound with them. Every time you see this band, you can bet on foot stomping, guitar wailing, and thundering backbeat straight Heavy.”