Weigh Station / Press

“Driven by a gnarly funk-rock beat, nasty guitar tones, and earthy backing organ, Past the Tracks' lead-off track "Rockin' the Bench" demonstrates the band's classic, Southern rock, and soul leanings. Acoustic power ballad "Rain" grooves at a much slower, mellower pace, starting with light guitar and piano before gathering steam with full-band instrumentation. The groovier songs "Can't Take My Soul" and "The Heat" (featuring some of White's most fierce drum breaks) draws more from old-school New Orleans funk (a la the Meters and the Neville Brothers) and the Muscle Shoals-made soul records than the vintage redneck-tinged Southern rock out of Macon, Jacksonville, or the Carolina piedmont.”

“With the release of "Past the Tracks," local group Weigh Station offers yet another weapon for my arsenal in defense of the Lowcountry music scene. Recorded locally at Ocean Industries under the professional eyes and ears of Eric Rickert and Jeff Leonard, "Past the Tracks" is one of those local releases that sounds as if it was recorded in a bigger city and in a more expensive facility. The local sextet, led by vocalist and guitarist John Heinsohn, scores the necessary trifecta of competent musicianship, well-sung vocals and, probably most important, material that is worthy of those first two traits. Thankfully with Weigh Station, the whole package seems to be there. The band's blend of rock and blues will appeal to a wide age range, and songs such as "Rain" and "What Next?" cry out for radio airplay. ”

“After nearly five years of tightening their sound and building a local fan base, Weigh Station is hoping 2011 will be a break-out year. They're heading into Ocean Industries Studios the week after Thanksgiving to work on a five-song EP, drawing from more than 25 originals currently in their live lineup.”