We Have Guns / Press

“Everywhere I turn, up pops these thugs and their message, the name alone is disturbing, and while I was appalled at what I saw I was not at all shocked at the filth these heathens have produced. And as I suspected, these songs promote violence, weapons, objectification of women, drug use, religious genocide and they even had a song that seemed to be written about the military from the perspective of a terrorist. What kind of community do you want to live in? Make your voice heard, tell you local cd store that they should not be selling this trash. Tell local venues what this band represents and that by allowing them to play they are promoting violence as well. Please help us put a stop to this.”

“Keep an ear reserved for We Have Guns and their future shows. Because they're going to play, not only for the fans, but especially for those who oppose them. They're equal opportunity musicians like that. ”

“DAMN! Just listened to your CD, pure, sweet, 100% against the grain anger! I love it! Love the multiple influence from the percussion style ala Soulfly/Sepultura to Killswitch back n forth verse/chorus. Having a shredder helps, and your drummer is very tasteful. Nice growling vocals, but then you can bring the tone. Well done from Crusher's CD Review. 5 outta 5 stars.”

Jeff "Crusher" Johnson - Crusher's CD Review

“Dude!!!!! Downloaded the album from Cdbaby. Not just blowing smoke up your ass, that shit is good! "The flames kill his men"? Good as anything I've heard this year. And you owe your guitar player a big wet fucking kiss, cause those solos fucking kill!! Congrats all around!”

“Do I need to say more? Not only is this band sick but damn if I could tell you how good they are live, you would not believe me. Record contract ready. One of the best metal bands coming out of Eugene..represent-these guys know how to put on an amazing show. I remember I was at their show and they were near perfect. Everyone raising their glass and shit... Badass must have rock/metal hard kickin in your face action. I love this band and support them 100%.”

Loyd Harrell - Fist Rock Radio

“The set was enthusiastic, energetic, aggressive, everything we’ve come to expect from WHG plus a little extra fog and lights than we’re used to, just a subtle reminder of the steam that these guys are gaining lately.”

“This Eugene metal band formed in 2007 and consist of members who have been playing in the metal scene for years. Well known in their underground metal circles, this band released their first, self-titled CD in September, 2011. The have been compared to the apocalyptic metal band Ramallah for their "eerie melodic aggressive music."”

“Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda with locals We Have Guns and Explode-A-Tron Live at the Black Forest. (A photo gallery.)”