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“Congratulations—you’ve not only survived January, but come through ready to finally live again. Take a big step to brighter days by embracing We Found a Lovebird, which has the most adorable band name we’ve heard in Vancouver since, well, ever. The quartet’s delectably dreamy Lobby starts off with “Mess We Call the West”, a paisley-fuzzed beauty made for sunny do-nothing Sundays. Subsequent highlights have “Nowhere to Go” delivering a crunchy stab at old new wave and “Impending Doom” offering a ghostly take on full-moon-fever classic rock. Lobby winds down with “Spaceship”, a languid-guitar beauty perfect for—you guessed it—chilling on do-nothing Sundays.”

“Let’s Start The War is a worthy little record from the vital if sometimes quiet corner that is Vancouver BC. Playing a kind of pop-burnished americana that nails the midpoint between Wilco and late-era Kinks, We Found A Lovebird, in other words, traffic in tunes that carry in their DNA a living breathing nostalgic immediacy.”

“It’s a safe bet that Lechner has a Modern Lovers LP in his collection as well, judging by “Give Up the Ghost”, an organ-enriched number with a driving feel à la “Roadrunner”. And while we’re trotting out the ’70s comparisons, let’s throw in Television, a likely inspiration for the wry vocal delivery and searing guitar tones of “Shiver” and “Don’t Blame the Times”. Then again, the cinematic postrocker “Northwest on Southwest Avenue” sounds like none of the above, which suggests that We Found a Lovebird is more than the sum of its indisputably great influences.”

“Your voice (if it's you) reminds me of Jay from Sloan or AC Newman. (Faves)”

Paul Myers, Author of 'A Wizard A True Star: Todd Rundgren In The Studio" - Paul Myers

“This is a hard one to describe, which suggests that primary writer, Larry Lechner, has fashioned an original sound, the six song EP vaguely having roots in 80s new wave rock but coming from other directions as well. ’60s pop, concise and effectively stated, rubbing shoulders with The Police and later Jam. None of this adequately describes the band or songs that are attractive. They really are distinctive, yet not so distinctive as to be outstandingly memorable.”

“It donned on me while listening to “Don’t Blame The Times”, the fifth track on We Found A Lovebird‘s new six-song EP, Let’s Start The War, that this band may in fact be influenced – at least in part – by early Elvis Costello. It was a thought that had not occurred to me previously, for whatever reason, so I asked member Larry Lechner, the band’s vocalist/guitarist about it. What began as a simple question became a full-fledged interview over Facebook messages. We Found A Lovebird is a self-described indie pop band, but their sound dips occasionally into rock and jangle-pop – no surprise given the Costello reference. On their Facebook Page, Lechner is described as follows: “Geezer whines into microphone about how hard done by he is. Occasional sunshine.” Download: “Biggest of Chunks” by We Found A Lovebird (Full fensepost interview at:http://www.fensepost.com/main/2013/03/07/we-found-a-lovebird-a-brief-interview-with-larry-lechner/)”

“Chimingly harmonic even in the slower numbers ...”

“Right away, it’s apparent this band would be a fun one to catch at the local dive. Don’t be surprised if We Found A Lovebird generates a little buzz.”