Vir / Press

“The 10 Best Bay Area Music Videos of 2011 Featuring maybe the most expansive animated dystopia we've ever seen in a local music video, this clip from East Bay post-punk outfit Vir fully portrays the kind of scarred landscape evoked in the song. It's pretty dark stuff -- giant robots bark orders, and humans turn into workaday robots -- but there is a bright spot at the end.”

“Amazing Local Video Alert: Vir's New Clip for "Down by Law". It isn't that often that we come across a spectacular music video, especially one made by a relatively small local band. But here we go: the clip for new single "Down by Law" from Berkeley postpunk/pysch outfit Vir. The animated vid shows a gloomy, sketched-out dystopia, with heinous monsters, apocalyptic cityscapes, and some stick figures representing the band members. The songs itself is a thick, prickly panorama of haze, whose dark clouds occasionally clear to reveal small moments of beauty -- sort of like the end of the video. Check it all out after the jump. "Down by Law" is the opening track on Vir's upcoming album, Gillespie, and has been featured on the Seattle college radio station KEXP. According to the band, the video you see below wasn't easy to make: It "was a huge undertaking utilizing Photoshop and After Effects to bring about this bizarre and dystopic world," in fact. So check it out:”

“Finally, someone makes this shoegaze revival thing work. Oakland's VIR lays U2-size vocals, melodies, and song structures over sinister, flatline backdrops à la Joy Division. The resulting tension, anchored by singer Sam Sloane's excellent guitar work, creates songs that don't stale. —”

“far more than post punk and shoegazer. This album hits almost every aspect of Shoegazer with its ethereal sensibility, hammering harshness, and blurry sounds. And to top it all off, its coated with a fantastic voice that soothes the heart and gives you goosebumps.”

“These guys are pretty edgy and aren't afraid to take chances. There is an ever-present, grounding rawness to the sound, and the power-packed melodies will entertain your ears.”

“No one quite knows for sure what the letters VIR stand for in the name of this San Francisco shoegaze band. Well, maybe the band members do, but they're not saying....”