The Roosevelts / Press

“After seeing the Roosevelts perform in Austin I became die-hard fan. And I haven’t heard any new music since then that hits all my buttons like the Roosevelts. The songs, the show, the attitude, the audience they draw, all of it."”

Jody Williams - VP of BMI

"The sound and the writing of these songs is so fresh."

Nate Deaton - KRTY San Jose

"For their fans, the healing comes in the music – cathartic, joyful, full of life and light. It’s unique, it’s The Roosevelts"

Lesley Daunt - Examiner.com

““We were blown away by their entertaining live performance, their own brand of ‘rock – with some mandolin,’ stellar songwriting, and perfectly harmonizing voices.””

Ione - No Country for New Nashville

"The Roosevelts are two beautifully bearded men whose songs enrapture listeners in a cloud of feeling and sometimes an uncontrollable need to dance. Although considered a pop/rock band, their often narrative lyrics lead listeners down paths riddled with tragic epiphanies giving them a much more serious kind of philosophical air."

"The Roosevelts know their way around a tune [...]they're exceptionally good at writing catchy, well-made tracks that stick in your brain like delicious musical bubble gum."

"Poised between the quiet tenderness of My Morning Jacket and the ballads of John Mayer, Mason and Kloess spin musical narratives of heartbreak and longing. A singer-songwriting duo with an ear for the beauty in melancholy."